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  • south_florida_rob south_florida_rob Feb 8, 2008 8:38 PM Flag

    911 on Gold Drop

    Those of you who reply to Gold Drop shouldn't be taking this so personally, I'm actually glad he's here....Anyone who takes him seriously needs to understand why he posts and what his motives are.

    Goldy has an interest in the March calls that were written at $5 and up....a few smart traders bought these calls before the Palladium run and it's going to be very costly for the funds that wrote these contracts. So until the March OE is over...he is going to be on here working his ass off trying to limit the damage. Those of you who subscribe to the theory of max pain understand this and realize how costly this will be if Pd doesn't begin reversing here soon. Remember, if Goldy was just a short he could cover at any time...but the options contracts can't really be hedged by the contract writers....they have to protect against an anomaly like what we are experiencing in PAL and the only way to do this is to drive fear and use manipulation tactics. Trust me...there's a large institutional interest in seeing SWC and PAL not keep running the way they have.

    I suspect once the March contracts expire Goldy will be gone...but no one was talking about the S. African power crisis two months ago so these funds didn't have a need to put guys like Goldy out there. I look at it as a very bullish sign that he is here and embrace his existence rather than despise it.

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