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  • joopthedutchman joopthedutchman Feb 22, 2008 8:20 PM Flag


    Probably just took profit.

    I myself did so, just now. I had been patiently invested in PAL for the last two years, all the way down to 3.5 but this explosive spike warns me to take profit.

    I see a lot of wild volatility ahead. The Hot money is now in the PGM's; price manipulation and profit taking follows.

    Long term: fuel cells, yes. And maybe they can come up with Palladium-based catalysts for diesel fumes. But I'm not holding my breath, waiting for that.
    Cold fusion? Maybe some demand from researchers, initually.If there is a breakthrough? Speculative.

    But Blue Ray? Give me a break. Demand for movie DVD's will be curtailed by the use of internet-provided data-centers, such as Google is building.
    Storage-on-plastic-disks will soon be obsolete.

    In the end, you can compute the demand for palladium from these plastic disks and come up with a formula of micrograms of palladium needed per terabyte data storage.

    What drives this market currently is journalist utterings like "with some analysts believing platinum is on its way to $3,000".

    The kind of talk that accompanies price spikes.

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    • three Bullish stocks - on its main Finance page.

      It provides the link to Yahoo PAL finance page.

      Nice coverage from a mainstream source.

      Good omen for Monday. Powerful momentum CONFIRMED in spades today!!! Sleepless shorts this weekend. HAHAHAHAHA