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  • spectra64 spectra64 Mar 9, 2008 10:45 AM Flag

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul

    It is clear when looking at the timing of S.A. recent annoucement that they are tryiing to MANAGE the situation. In terms of power shortage nothing has changed.

    This is about saving JOBS and most importantly preventing the mobs from taking to the street.

    Look at the attached artile and it cleary states that in order to povide the increase in power to the mines the rest of society will have to go without. As they say it has to come from somwewhere.

    There will be riots in the street if layoffs occur. The GOverment has no choice

    very odd two day after this article they annouce the increase

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    • You admit not knowing anything about load shedding - " Yes, I make load shedding sound managable and inconvenient but not a serious imposition."

      What can I say? Twist whatever you want, your original post was silly, grossly inacurrate, and misleading and you admitted it.

      My last post to you.

    • Which foolish questions? Honestly I know nothing about your island aside from what you told me. But I bet I hit home more than I missed.

      If you mean the wet coal thing, then you haven't been reading the links to the electric power experts.

    • The point was that you don't know anything about the issues involved in load shedding but you went on to talk about it. Anybody who has experienced the situation would have been a lot less poilte than I was about your observations.

      It was a frivoulous post about a serious situation. You still don't get it. Pray you don't so you can joke in your ignorance.

    • "You live on a square island?"

      Hey, don't push it. The poor guy had to quickly type the message before his power went out.

      I feel for the guy, but he either chose to live there or he chose to buy a refrigerator when he knows he has a power problem. In the least, he has to learn to live with the problem if he hasn't already. If it were me, I'd buy a generator or use the refrigerator for a boat and forget using electric.

    • Link:

      A few other pgm and related articles in the resourceinvestor today.

    • I don't really know how to explain it but it seems reversal is going to be sharp and quick. This is some volatile stuff. This downward swing is quick and overdone. Major portions of the industry are crippled and they have to; deal with, discuss, design, order, implement and finance their repairs to regain some competitve edge. The fin24dotcom article said "No new construction projects will be approved during the next six months if they use more power than the average household, the newspaper reported". Crippled mines will be supported by value and spec but mines with unrestricted amounts of power should be able to outperform. Regarding the Zurich sales, couldn't PAL be selling into strength? Those sales would show up on an upcoming earnings report.

    • You obviously know squat or you would not ask such foolish questions.

    • You live on a square island?

    • Yes, I "make load shedding sound managable and inconvenient but not a serious imposition."

      If you have such a big problem with your electric power, then why don't you fix it? The answer is that it is too expensive to fix. Who would build a redundant power plant to serve a 50 sq mile island - an expensive power plant guaranteed to be used only half the time.

      S. Africa is somewhat larger than your island. They have multiple power plants, multiple demand centers, and a power grid to import power. Yes, it is managable.

      Just curious, is your load shedding on a schedule? Do you boot up your computer, turn on your air conditioner, start your water pump, begin cooking dinner, a minute before your power goes out? S. Africa is on a schedule and they can time shift their power usage to match power generation.

      By the way, do you wet your coal so it burns better?

    • There have been three analyists from different investment firms on so far this morning al have said pretty much the same thing. This cuttent pullback is short term and pm's, pgm's, and other hard and soft commodities are CHEAP.

      They also echo what many others have said and that is we have betwwen 5 to 15 years of a commodity bull run ahead.

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