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  • tellurium_001 tellurium_001 May 13, 2008 8:25 PM Flag

    I am upset that PAL went up as much as $0.97 today!

    PAL going up too much too fast today. How am I supposed to add PAL position tomorrow on increased buying power? I was really bargaining for 50 cents gain today and some more tomorrow. I was bargaining for buying more tomorrow at $5.65 or $5.75.

    That makes me upset I have to pay a bit more to buy tomorrow. Also last Friday was my pay day. I did not even have time to transfer the 401K deposit for this pay period to buy more PAL. Takes two damn days to do it.

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    • Stop the whining. The stock went up and you bitch. You have sooo many shares why would it matter? Your stock went up big. Period. according to your other posts you own enough to celebrate on a day like yesterday!! You really annoy me!!!! Not to mention you post to many messages!!

    • Jeez Tellurium. I find you on this board as well as the ENER board-- not a surprise I guess. You need the strength of your convictions or more money, or both. I think I will wait on this one a bit, especially since Cramer pumped it on his show. All the retail pissants pile into anything he recommends. Think I'll wander over to the ENER board to see if you answered my question about where to go to buy Tellurium.

    • First of all, as a long time ENER long, I greatly enjoyed your tellurium supernova article.

      I've got some concerns, however, about your research in regards to PAL.

      I read your article that talked about how PAL found the richest palladium mines in the world, up to 29.48 grams of PGM per ton. However, I perused the drilling announcement, and all of the holes with very high PGM were very small. I am not entirely sure if I am reading it correctly (that is, the measurements of the holes), but I figured out that relative to the size of the hole, they only found mines with an average of 8.26 grams of PGM per ton.

      I'm just looking for some insight since I know you have done your homework. Not a short, in fact, I'm interested in getting some money in this. Thanks in advance for the help and I would like to hear an good explanation to give me more reason to buy!

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      • As for interpretting the drilling result, the best thing to do is compare with similar drill results of other companies and how PAL's drill result fare relatively, you will be surprised how rare it is to even get a PGM grade of even 5 gram or 8 grams per ton.

        Second, ony a few holes show grade as high as 30 grams per ton. Most holes are much lower. But you need to understand that the purpose of the majority of holes are NOT to determine the grade of the richest center portion of the ore body. If you drill all holes through the center, you will get all good grades but such results are meaningless. The majority of holes are drilled on the outer perimeter to determine hor far the ore body extends. As such, the grade of most holes MUST be lower, because they are drilled on the outside boundary.

        I encourage people to ask questions about the interpretation of the drill result during tomorrow's conference call.

    • I know what you mean I hate buying on the upswing!

    • telurium,

      I know that you think very highly of PAL and of it's growth potential. I like it also. But IMO diversification is generally a more prudent approach than going for broke in a single stock or even in a single market sector. I know that you must realize that there have been scores of other stocks that have risen several hundred percent in the past 12 months. Although PAL has performed well today, it's 12 month performance history has not been anything to get very excited about. As you continue to load up on PAL, just bear in mind that it's future path may not be straight up, day after day. This stock is thinly traded and therefore can be easily manipulated as we have witnessed in the past. I suggest that you not urge others to load up without considering the volatility of PAL and the possiblity of sharp selloffs in the future. SS

    • Don't worry you will get it for 5.75 tomorrow!!!!!!!!