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  • roar2win roar2win Jul 12, 2008 10:33 PM Flag


    Fed wants to save FNM and FRE. Think about it.. you may say what on the earth this has to do with PAL. Very Much. Dollar will tank and people want to flock to gold and the next moment they realize.. wht the heck PD seems to be much better bet. Some money spills over to PD. PD will outperform gld and slv. They they look and say Holly Conolly this PAL thing is dirt cheap as they have tons of PD sitting pretty in dirt.. Drill results are out and yet stock not rallied.. My God.. how can this be possible.. see wht happened to PDO.. see wht happened to ROYL.. You cant even imaging what will happen to this stock when it catches fire.... and if you want to get in when it catches fire.. man you cant chase it.. you want pull backs that may never come.. Ofcourse do your own research b4 investing.

    IF You need to know one thing about this company.. pictures are better that reading.. audio is better than my writings ... listen from the VP himself.. then you stop thinkin about your mistress and start thinking about this company..

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      • Wall Street and investors in general want to see earnings performance. Without that Aug. 6, PAL is going nowhere.

      • you make a great point and the answer is 2-3 positive quarters in 5 years

        But things are changing very fast. They had a good last quarter and if they can do it again they are well on there way, look at the following:

        1) 75 million in cash little debt
        2) 14 million windfall this quarter
        3) Strong test results on Offest
        4) Artic Mine in Finland coming on line
        5) Trend of Pd
        6) Norilisk production down last quarter
        7) Russia stockpile depleted
        8) SA power problem and looming strike
        9) Global Auto demand increase
        10) Nation Auto demand change over

    • The time frame for the new project probably gives people no urgency. I wish they would move it up some.

    • Institutions have cash that they have pulled from financials, consumer stocks, homebuilders, auto companies, etc. Shortsellers have HUGE profits from their successful shorts of the same companies. But they will not invest in juniors for these reasons:

      Sure, PAL's financing last year hurt sentiment. And the MO-MO crowd left after Palladium slipped down under $450. BUt Boris has the REAL reason that PAL has underperformed. The little known truth about PAL is their multi-billionaire backer, George Kaiser, and his KFO. So when others will find difficulty with financing it will be effortless for PAL as they have 82 M in cash against 32 M in debt. All this will become very clear to the market on August 7.


    • And one more thing why this is right time to buy.. The volume is pathetic.. Anemic.. canceric.. So the longs are holding the stocks close to their heart.. only people who are selling are the stupid ass arrogant hedgefunds short selling.. If you want to buy you aint gonna buy from me.. you aint gonna buy from Tellie.. When we sell we sell for 20 dols and budyy you cant afford it. So better gobble up from these short sellers when it cheap... they have to cover one day and man that will be SPECTACULAR.