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  • tristrem tristrem Jan 15, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Exceeding guidance! Why don't they just buy PAL?

    BigBlue, do you really trust the current PAL management (what's left of it) to complete this grand plan? Why not lessen the risk and bring in a world-class mine management team that can ASSURE the success of the mission?

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    • Tristem,

      At this point of time the "mission" is almost done. PAL needs to get to the tree and get the fruits now. Just few months and it goes fast.

      Reading your post make me think of another negative related to a sale now...and it is the lack of management precisely. Do you think the BoD and the ghost CEO will take the responsability to discuss a total sale of the Company?
      PAL needs not only to get to Phase I successfully or close to 3,500TPD (so far September 2013) and show how much increase in revenue it translates (around October/November 2013 with the Q3/2013) but also have a strong leadership that can be trusted who can do the "talks" and protecting the shareholder's value. Then a serious "due diligence" will eventually lead to a take over. Only an hostile take over can be possible and will be rejected almost certainely by the BoD or the majority of the real shareholders not us...

      As a trader I can see and understand that many here are too eager to sell with a good profit "no matter what". As soon as PAL get some interest then there is always someone who talks about "rumors" etc etc...although it is human it is not the way business are working. Some spread "rumor" just to profit from the "rumors" in a one to 2 day trading.
      Do you remember this idiot few weeks ago who was talking about delisting when the pps was reaching a all time low at 1.15/1.16?

      Why dreaming of a quick, one time, 50% profit when you can get 20% multiply by 15 times per year for the next 2 or 3 years?

      Good luck,