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  • rustycra rustycra Jan 28, 2013 8:47 AM Flag


    Deal! I've long expected a deal here. Co has made a ton of missteps. Burned needed capital out the back door. Delays, delays, delays No CEO! More capital needed to complete big hole.

    Now odd redo of PAL's website (since "corrected") which highlights Goldcorp. This all ties in nicely with FBI's anticipated deal "within 3 weeks" (which he prognosticated 2 weeks ago). Even if it takes longer, I still expect it to happen. Come on pirates. You can have my shares for another buck! Pieces of eight from a co that actually makes pieces of eight? Captain Jack and the Pearl are on the horizon. This company is a gonner, though no longer expect deal to be hostile!

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    • "However, at the moment, there is of course no intention to sell NAP completely, given the growth profile over the next couple of years." - Prof

      I think it is incredibly naive to assume the company has any control over this occurrence. They don't! Intetions be damned when it comes to hostiles! Come on Queen Anne's Revenge

    • I'm guessing a deal is agreed to with Goldcorp. Once announced, the Russians will say "now hold on one minute there (but of course it will be said in Russian). Then after an intense and protracted bidding war, we end up being sold to SWC for $5.62/share.

      Gotta love bidding wars!

      I care not if pirates hail from the east, north south or west. I care not if they speak English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese or French (though I'd object to Iranian Farsi). I care not if the price is "maximized" or not. I just love pirates! Rusty wanna Goldcorp!

    • yu ly. yu pieruts alwayz ly.

    • volume running 2x long term average daily for past month
      positive outside day last Tues.
      The quite is deafening from co.
      Tick tock tick tock

    • "Website...
      by hk10502003 . Jan 27, 2013 10:33 PM . Permalink
      What happened to the website?
      Under North American Palladium, it shows Goldcorp !!!!!!!

      Someone please explain.."

      We've all heard of webpages going missing, or ads hijacking a site, but I have never heard of a secondary company being plastered on an unrelated company's website. I find HK a truthful guy so don't question the veracity of his claim. As such, since PAL controls its own website, I think deal soon at hand. Let's see if the IR girl dances around this one with wishy statements like "I don't know how that happened?" Absent a public denial, my chips are on a takeover. Come on Captain Hook!

    • No news is never (ever) good news! Unless you, like me, are rooting for a takeover. No CEO for over 5 months! Theoretically, this is a position that should be quite easy to fill... assuming co is where they say they are in new dig. No news on gold sale, despite lofty commodity prices (come in a bit, but still high on an absolute basis). No news on cap ex plans. No news on depth of hole yet (on this board, we can't even agree if they are digging up or down). No insight as to whether they can cost effectively delay some dig plans. No news on expected timetable to completion (unless you are very good at reading what isn't said, vs what is said). None of this is good, unless you root for a deal! I do! Pirates be here soon. Raise the Jolly Roger!

      Just keep asking yourself... Why would anyone buy the gold assets, when they can buy the whole enchalada for a few dublooms(sp?) more? Deal coming!