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  • bellbell63 bellbell63 Feb 1, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Behavior today

    PD up another $12 + good exploration report and there are 290,000 shares for sale? THAT makes me wary. If I wanted to sell that many shares I surely wouldn't put my cards on the table face-up!!! If shorts were nervous this would be a great chance to cover a bunch without running price up yet they are not doing that. Thye must be confident in their short position. And iif institution or funds wanted a block this would be a good chance to buy but they are not either. I am worried about "The Silence of the Longs".

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    • "PD up another $12 + good exploration report and there are 290,000 shares for sale? THAT makes me wary. If I wanted to sell that many shares I surely wouldn't put my cards on the table face-up!!! "

      Cards being held face up like that might point to a deliberate attempt at manipulation and naked shorting by MM's.

      Like when is seen in the futures market for silver and gold when the equivalent of maybe 2-3 months worth GLOBAL production SOLD in perhaps 5-10 minutes with no regard to price and done during a period of time when trading is very thin.(these brief moments in time always coincide with large drops in the price of silver and gold)

      as to similar sized large scale BUYS of similar amounts of silver or gold in the futures market over such a short period of time without regard to price during thin trading , I don't think I've ever heard of it .

      If these issues don't raise suspicion as strange goings on and manipulation, nothing will.

      As to regulators' oversight, forget it--- the SEC and CFTC are part of the problem.

      As an aside, how many convictions have we seen for insider trading etc? Even Congress people trade with insider knowledge--- See Nancy Pelosi's defiant attitude when asked about her own insider trading..

      (Facial expression when she was asked must have been a real test for her Botox treatments--I'm sure You Tube clips still available lol)

      And consider the amazing out performance of congress people's investment record as compared to all other classes of investors..... are these people such investment wizards?

      (Not saying all are crooks but there has to be more than few skewing that overall performance record and I'll bet they're not using indexes or ETF's. LOL

      So the regulators are MORE than useless, they are corrupt and working for the manipulators and the elite political class are going along for the ride--nod, nod, wink, wink..

      But systemically, all in cahoots with the Fed as the maestro: JPM, GS et al along with the the ESF/Presidents Working Group, SEC, CFTC , and the Fed to centrally plan the markets and keep up the facade all is well so as to keep a lid on sentiment WRT to inflation in commodity prices and help limit flows of capital into commodity related equities.

      Instead, they want money to flow to the financial sector, real estate and maybe tech along with whatever other sector is being 'marketed' at any given time.

      **Suppression of commodity prices is important in an economy that is based 70% on consumption ...especially if a weak economy to begin with because it keeps input prices down and helps keep a lid on prices for consumers.

      truth be known, the US economy more than weak, it's been in recession for most of the last decade if a real 'real' inflation- adjustment were applied to GDP. (US standards of living and median incomes reflect this reality)

      So systemic planning and manipulation includes govt statistics and extends even to the point of willfully turning a blind eye and letting Goldman, JPM et al to skim profits from retail on an everyday basis using their black box HFT trading algos.

      wouldn't be so bad if just trading algos but its more nefarious than that--they are able to get a 'peak and see' retail orders microseconds before they hit the market and they take full advantage.

      GS, JPM near perfect prop trading record month after month reflects all of this as they skim profits while doing God's work.

      the excuse that it's about these firms providing liquidity as MM's is nonsense.

      It's about special privilege for some at the expense of all as retail investors do their share and 'contribute' to the bailouts of all the Feds Primary Dealers on Wall Street.

      Like all taxpayer bailouts for Wall Street and where profits are held privately but losses are redistributed the preservation of the status quo for the financial establishment gets priority over everything else even to the point where if it requires Bernanke to secretly print trillions and hand it out the back door, he will do it because that's what the real power elites want.

      Is there a difference in atmosphere when Dimon, Blankfein et al in front of Congress vs when big oil there to answer questions?

      Even the performances are weak and you'd think they'd get better actors.

      Herck, Bernanke looks like a deer in the headlights half the time because he has to know full well that the nonsense he's forced to spews gets increasingly hard to believe by more and more people.

      Bottom line, its all about preserving a failing system of Federal Reserve- led Ponzi finance that requires more and more stretching of the limits in order to keep the game going and retail investors in commodity related stocks (gold especially) have to be patient and be more focused on long term earnings fundamentals.

      This is because price suppression of commodities because of inflation can only go on for so long and is analogous to LT suppression of interest rates in the bond market because of the Fed's nonstop support of bond prices..

      In the end, no one wants the Charmin (UST bonds and USD's) ) no matter what the govt says about how benign inflation is because credibility eventually wears thin .

      (2-2.5% inflation targets are such a joke given inflation is already so much higher--John Williams Shadowstats puts inflation at ~ 8% using Clinton era methodology last I looked )

      "Which has changed more since 1980, inflation or how it's calculated? "--Tim Iacone

      And if inflation is considered in the context of today's real unemployment rate(not the headline rate), the situation for consumers is even worse. I'm sure the real stagflation rate (inflation + rate of unemployment) is far above anything historically and I can understand why the central planners behind the scenes might want it hidden.

      To think 10 yr bonds would yield ~2% when the real rate of inflation is 8% and the real rate of unemployment is on the order of 15-16% ought to tell us just how much manipulation in order to deceive us is going on.

      Ditto for all OECD countries that have sophisticated and innovative statistics generating agencies.

      How did the S&P go up these last few years when overall money flows indicated outflows from Equities?

      A coiled spring but at some point, the people will have to bear the real costs of what market prices would dictate or the shelves will go bare.

      And that's when OECD standards of living will take a quick tumble and commodity prices reflect their true costs and risks of production along with a more reasonable profit for invested capital.

      At some point, prices for some commodities may also justify a premium for scarcity , the longer this game of Ponzi Finance gets extended and the longer we see misalloation of capital.

      makes no sense that I-phones can command such a price and profit margin while SA platinum mines barely recover cash costs.

      No sense at all especially given the ease at which scale of I-phone production can be increased as compared to just keeping metals production flat.

    • I would not be confident in a short position unless I knew of some share dilution coming, or Veeza going the way of Sleeping Giant. But what do I know, nada.

    • Just being a low priced stock, it cannot be owned by many institutions and may be it would be owned largely by retail investors.

      Fast money making type funds will show up, if and when, something is brewing.
      As many here have posted the company went through painful borrowing experience for expansion and cost savings. Company probably decided to invest when Pd was high in 2011 and dropped to 500-600 range, when they really needed the money.

      I guess, we are here now and they are in excellent position without enough cash to grow. 'Ideally' they would not borrow now, get higher cash flow with higher Pd prices and then get financing on their terms. In between, there may be a buyer show up.

      When smart funds see the clear picture with Pd prices and 'management intentions known, the story can be quite different.


      Sentiment: Buy

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      • "Just being a low priced stock, it cannot be owned by many institutions and may be it would be owned largely by retail investors. "

        An internet myth. Plenty of funds and institution buy low price stocks, including PAL.

        Institutions currently own 100M and funds 47M or about 85%of the shares.

        4 largest funds:

        Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund A ..3,950,000..12/31/2012
        T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value....................1,900,000..12/31/2012
        TFS Market Neutral.........................................1,147,137..10/31/2012
        Franklin Natural Resources A........................1,044,900..12/31/2012

    • ask outnumber bids 8 to 1 - something stinks......

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Bell, the guy is "advertising" his position intentionally. One seller, one single seller, but lots of buyers. Hope he is cleaned up today or we'll fall off into the close (as too often happens). Once he's done, you'll see a little pop in stock. However, until co provides answers to material questions all shareholders have (and no need to rehash) we are stagnant. Mgmt is like an amateur wizard of Oz ... look over here, don't look behind the curtain. Last three news releases have been very positive, but with Pal, we always need to see what isn't said vs what is. Bunch of amateurs that hopefully feel the point of the sword soon. Tick, tock, tick tock!