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  • rustycra rustycra Feb 25, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    new 6k

    Annual General and Special Meeting. Is this the normal way co refers to their annual meeting? Special meeting? Cowards, amateurs, liars, litigants and thieves! Hope they are just selling the company! Perhaps we'll get an announcement Weds from SWC!

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    • "Special Meeting"? Sounds to me like a meeting to announce a buyout?

    • Last April 4, 2012 a 6-K was filed for the Notice of Annual Meeting. It had a whole bunch more information in the 6-K last year. I do not know what the special meeting is refering to this year, but it seems that shareholders have to be on record as of March 21, 2013 to be eligible to vote, although I am not quite sure. It is possible there will be another 6-K filed in the future explaining more.

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      • Ivlarry,

        This is a normal annual meeting with consent by auditor etc etc...The special meeting may require shareholder's approval which means some proposals of some sort.
        It is possible that the Board of Directors (part of) may change and requires a vote to elect the new board members? I do not put too much emphasis on this just business as usual.
        The important information that we wait for is, the sale of the Gold division valued in the balance sheet at 29MM+ with liability of $11M which is net $18M, a new CEO and some financing numbers like last year.

        PAL may release a special 6K related to questions put to vote at the meeting in May 09th, names of the board members to be replaced and by whom etc etc...

        Good luck,

    • I've changed my mind on this. If Dousch-bag-ane's appointment as COO of another co was tied to takeover, he'd have ensured deal was announced first. It wasn't! I wonder if he was fired or quit Pal? Also wonder if he's even bothered to let them know yet. But don't worry... he's here "full time" and the ship is not "ruddrless". Cowards, amateurs, liars, litigants and thieves. Aside from liars and thieves, these are not labels even pirates would be proud of!