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  • newguy7001 newguy7001 Mar 8, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    She Is About To Run Folks....

    Pd price is getting to the point where monkeys could make money with a Pd mine. That means PAL's management team is back in the hunt! Buy, for a trade or a hold! Good luck longs!

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    • Monkeys? That is very funny! Yes, palladium is the only precious metal that is cocnsistently moving up, slowly but surly.

      What is odd and worrisome is that with today's good jobs report, the ALLEDGED Fed pumping, an improving ecocomy, strong auto sales, etc. the overall market, taking out the Apples, Google, etc. really is not surging. Indeed gold and silver are declining. By now I would have thought that pt would be closer to $2,000 and palladium on the outskirts of $1,000.

      Any way I bought a few thousand more PAL. As you so astutely put it, even monkeys could make money with a palladium mine when it hits $800 and ounce.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy