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  • newguy7001 newguy7001 Mar 10, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    What PAL Needs For A new CEO.

    Is not a mining engineer or some washed out 'former mining company CEO'. I don't think they will be able to attract the level of talent they need if thats what they are trying to recruit. IMO, an executive that understands the concept of profit and loss, cost control, and resourse management is what PAL needs. Whether the person has run a chemical plant, a manufacturing business or a restaurant chain, PAL needs to focus on profitabilty. Growth, for the sake of growth is a loosing game. Figure out how to be profitable, and then achieve that goal. After that, grow the business at a rate that a profitable mining company can sustain. The alternative, if they can't achieve profitability, is sell this unique resource to an outfit that knows what a business is!

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    • How about one that has common sense and uses good judgement, and one who listens to the wise advice of others within the company or industry. Just look at Ron Johnson from JCP, what a fool, IMO.

    • No restaurant chain CEO for me, thank you. NAP needs a CEO with successful experience managing underground mining, one who can can not only oversee the completion of the expansion, but who can differentiate between a viable venture and a foolish gamble. Pit mining executive experience is not enough, as we have already seen that doesn't scale well in terms of understanding the profitability dynamics of underground work. It is the lack of underground mining foresight, and not knowing that they didn't know enough, that has eroded much of NAP's (and shareholder's) resources, rather than typical cost control issues you might face in manufacturing.

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      • I have to disagree 4c. The CEo needs to be focussed on the numbers, the bottom line , and the future strategic plan for PAL. If the CEO is spending time trying to figure out how to mine 'underground' then he has the wrong folks working under him! A 'restaurant chain' may be a bit of a stretch, but my point is we need a business manager, not a miner at the top. Otherwise, PAL is in danger of producing a whole lot more Pd and still not able to make the return that stockholders need. Good luck with your investmentsz. I am very long PAL at this point!

    • Agree, newguy!

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