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  • canadianklondike canadianklondike Mar 26, 2013 4:11 PM Flag


    You shareholders should be marching down the halls of these idiot's offices in protest. I'm in plg, and that company has well over twice the market cap of this dog, even though they've never pulled a dime out of the ground, and are located in an extremely hostile and volatile country.

    plg has proven nothing, done nothing, and could be in huge trouble at any moment from the government of south africa, while pal has been digging metals out of the ground for decades in the super safe country of canada. Unfortunately, "management" cannot make a decision worthy of a 5th grader. I guess earning their huge salaries is sufficient for them.

    at the very least, you people should be taking legal action , because these inept fools clearly screwed you over royally. I have no doubt that they will be pulling more money out of your pockets post haste. What a pile of #$%$!

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