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  • bigsee4c bigsee4c Aug 20, 2013 12:58 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha

    There was a piece on NAP on Seeking Alpha today. The last line more or less sums it up, "North American Palladium is a very risky investment under the current circumstances and I first would like to see the shaft in progress before I spend another dollar on it."

    Then again, it shouldn't be long now before the postponed labor disruptions in SA begin to flair up and impact PGM prices more significantly. If I didn't make a point of staying away from timing of SA events, I'd say the next few weeks we might see that ball begin to roll. But since SA has been moving on a different clock than mine, this year, I'll just put out the reminder that the labor negotiations (a.k.a. strikes) are still ahead.

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