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  • Mar 10, 2009 4:19 PM Flag

    Investments Other than MDU

    I respect alot of the peoples' opinions on this board and I fell that alot of us have similar tastes in investments.

    My Question is, what other companies are you all getting into now?

    I have put about as much as I can in MDU for the time being and I need to diversify. I would like to find a company that ownes alot of farm acreage, but I am having some trouble.

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    • Sold the farm for $26 K???

      Absurd, 4 sections = 2,560 acres @ $10/ac in the crp program = $25,600.00

      Doesn't make any sense! Does he have anymore, or maybe some friends that would like to bail at that rate?

    • So much to buy here. Well-I am a long term holder of MO & VGR. Both tobacco stocks that pay a great divvie and have exposure to the alcohol market. I have started buying small cap North American miners with good balance sheets. Look at ZINC, TC, TGB. I own TC & TGB and want to buy some ZINC if the entry price is right. I hold MDU, OLN, BMY, NM, FTR all good divvie plays. I just bought 1000 shares of GE Monday at $7.41. My logic is the businesses other then GE capital are worth more then what the stock trades at. Plus here's a thought regarding GE. What if they figure out a way to spin-off GE capital?
      I hold several thousand shares of HUN. Check it out. Well-that is all I can think of right now. I am probably forgetting something. let me know what you guys think. Oh-dont let me forget my 600 shares of PWR. Good Luck!!

    • Personally. I am looking at some foreign stocks.
      I like STO, and HOGS. In the USA, I like NSC, KO, COP. Waiting till after first quarter earnings are reported. To purchase more or a new low is established.

      There are some that if they hit another low, I will be adding. INF, MR, ACH and HNP.

    • IBM<$80 and CAT at its current price are worth consideration IMO.
      the kid

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      • IBM (which I own) and CAT (which I don't) are large cap giants that might not appeal to MDU holders.

        One to consider is DCI, midwestern based, great management, steadily increasing dividend, 19 record years of earnings. That is about to end because they sell filters to off road machinery (like CAT) and heavy diesel trucks which are being hammered. But they also have a lot of diversification in their product line including filters for gas turbines, for aerospace, for liquids, for disk drives, etc. And they have a lot free cash being generated, which they use to buy in shares and increase dividend and make careful acquisitions that sre accretive. They bought western filter (aerospace and defense) last year. It takes a lot to keep the sand out of the engines of trucks and helicopters in the desert).

        he shares have dropped back from 40's to low to mid 20's. Worth adding here - when recovery comes they are very well positioned. They are global company with midwestern (Minneapolis) management.

        Well taht is my idea as one complement to MDU.

    • My cousin sold his farm: 4 sections, a farm house, and other buildings for $26K in central ND.
      So, yeah, land prices are in the toilet.

    • Lots of farmland? I don't follow.

      If interested in natural resources, have you considered lumber? Plum Creek Lumber (PCL) -- was a good investment at one time. I sold out a long time ago; haven't followed. I would assume it's trading at its low and will be in a narrow trading range for awhile. Unfortunately could be years before building begins again.

      I honestly cannot think of anything that interests me at the moment; I'm just sticking to my core holdings and accumulating when I can, mostly in oil and oil service companies. The demographics all suggest the trend for price of oil is up. It's been creeping up and Saudi can't afford low price any more. Neither can Mexico and Venezuela, and both of these countries were starting to implode even before the recession (implode in the sense of decreasing oil output based on govt policy). Brazil doing well and will probably benefit -- PBR comes to mind. Of the major oil companies, XOM very, very conservative and paying a decent dividend considering current state of the market. XOM replaced its reserves this past year, though most of that with unconventional reserves -- shale oil.

      With all the negative press on banks, it's possible the regional banks, some are probably doing well, have been hit by market in general and might be worth exploring.

      But farmland? I don't know.

    • I try to be diversified across several sectors, and am long them all. I own a gold mining stock as a buffer against inflation down the road. Also have a big pharma, heavy machinery, a conglomerate, among other stocks. Am looking into oil on a pullback, likely COP or MRO. Would like to also buy HMC if it goes into the 17-19 range. BTW, Cramer blasted MDU today in response to to some caller from Bismarck, ND.

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      • I used to follow Cramer for awhile. For about six months I followed him religiously. Then, even when in the bull market, he seemed to be all over the place; no consistent game plan.

        Even his "are you diversified?" was crazy. He said you were doing well when you had: GM (autos), COP (oil), C (banking), MSFT (software), LU (technology). It didn't matter that they could all tank at the same time, but at least you were diversified. In hindsight this would have been diversification: cash, bonds, equity, gold, and, did I mention, cash?

        Three months from now when the snow has melted and the shut-in wells are flowing again, and oil is continuing to go higher, Cramer will be pushing MDU.

    • I like PCL. Plum Creek Timber Co.

    • PCH ( i do not own ) used to control massive amounts of forest and timber land in MN and the west. don

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