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  • juanruiz1330 juanruiz1330 Mar 10, 2009 7:17 PM Flag

    Investments Other than MDU

    I try to be diversified across several sectors, and am long them all. I own a gold mining stock as a buffer against inflation down the road. Also have a big pharma, heavy machinery, a conglomerate, among other stocks. Am looking into oil on a pullback, likely COP or MRO. Would like to also buy HMC if it goes into the 17-19 range. BTW, Cramer blasted MDU today in response to to some caller from Bismarck, ND.

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    • I used to follow Cramer for awhile. For about six months I followed him religiously. Then, even when in the bull market, he seemed to be all over the place; no consistent game plan.

      Even his "are you diversified?" was crazy. He said you were doing well when you had: GM (autos), COP (oil), C (banking), MSFT (software), LU (technology). It didn't matter that they could all tank at the same time, but at least you were diversified. In hindsight this would have been diversification: cash, bonds, equity, gold, and, did I mention, cash?

      Three months from now when the snow has melted and the shut-in wells are flowing again, and oil is continuing to go higher, Cramer will be pushing MDU.

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