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  • dkwilk dkwilk Jun 12, 2013 9:10 PM Flag

    MT Fidelity well in Richland county

    Richland Wildcat
    Fidelity Exploration & Production Co. Klette 24-13H
    SHL: SW SE 24-22N-56E (260 FSL/2152 FEL) EL 2364' GR
    Completed 4/13/2013 (OIL). TD 14854'
    IP 47 BOPD/9 MCFPD/508 BWPD
    BHL: 14854' NW NE 24-22N-56E (273 FNL/2167 FEL) Bakken

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    • Mr. Wilk, thinking of purchasing some share of MDU. I think this is entry point for me get back into MDU. Any opinois.
      Thank you, for your reply.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • It is usually good to be cautious when a stock has been making new highs. I think MDU is an ideal long term hold - a very interesting candidate for dollar cost averaging. Short termers could find a better place for their funds IMO. .... john

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Dirtpoor here is MY opinion.. and I bet a get 2-3 down arrows from the lurker crowd..
        Using a 6 month chart there are 2 pockets when MDU was at low $ 24.00 for a short while.. There should be a pull back in the General Market in the next 2-4 months.. I would be a buyer at this level, and here is why.
        using a 5 yr chart you notice since Oct of 2009 mdu has been range bound in the $ 21-24 $$ area. Hildebrandt was the CEO at the time.. Now if you use a 6 month Chart and look at Dec 30th 2012 Mdu was a $ 21 stock.. Goodin became the new CEO on Jan 1, I was afraid that he might be a rubber stamp copy of the predecessor, running this group of Hodgepodge business divisions the same as Hildebrandt.. But if you look at the 2 Earnings Conference calls he has run the tone of the Company is different. Read thru the events of the last yr and they are positive..
        The towns and Cities of western ND althought small in population are building faster then any place I know..the Refinery in Dickinson is a positive. A new NG intrastate pipeline. I believe the NG processing is just getting going in ND..As these Bakken wells age , and increase in shear number more NG will be produced and this has to be processed and moved..
        If you are looking for a $ 1.44 dividend like BKH was paying you I do not think that will happen, as I believe MDU has to many projects going into the future that the dividend will not keep up with the growth of profits, cause the company will need the profit to pay for the growth..

    • Looks like Fidelity is going back North of Billings MT on this Feb re-issued permit for the Heath formation..don
      Re-Issued Locations:
      Rosebud Wildcat
      Fidelity Exploration & Production Co. Grebe 24-28H
      SHL: NW NE 33-11N-33E (242 FNL/2281 FEL) EL 3137' GR 30592
      Approved: 02/19/2013
      PBHL: 10452' NW NW 28-11N-33E (330 FNL/330 FWL) Heath

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