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  • FatherOfPokekids FatherOfPokekids Apr 6, 2011 3:04 PM Flag

    Dropped by to pay my respects

    Looks like it's all over. It's been years since I posted anything, but I still get the company announcements. I thought I'd drop by for the funeral.

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    • been years since i came back here. i had shorted this stock long ago and it destroyed me. they kept running this up with their pokeman and cabbage patch doll rebirth garbage when they financials said the company was a scam and the ceo and cfo were milking the company dry. couldn't hang on and lost most of my money as they kept running the stock and today i decided to look up the symbol and see were the company was at. lo and behold i was right but it doesn't matter the crooks cleaned my clock i hope others fared better in this crooked game they call a stock market.

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      • It's obvious you didn't learn to read a chart, respect RSI, or any technical indicators. Indicators indicate. Hold and hope doesn't often work- either way. Fundamentals and technicals exist to guide the stock buyer/seller. Blinders only work for horse racing.


      • The funny part is that now is the best time to buy 4Kids stock in its history. They are going to wipe out some accounts payable in this bankruptcy and finally be able to sell the company.

        It is all set up quite nicely, and the YuGiOh dispute gave them the license to clear the decks.

        Notice how everyone was always wrong with this one. I bought shares at all-time lows. So I will just wait for a month or two to get paid big.

        In the history of this company there has never been a better time to buy. There is close to zero downside. All of the insiders have kept their shares, they have left out 4Sight licensing from the Bankruptcy in order to segregate the YuGiOh dispute and eliminate risk.

        If they make an agreement with the YuGiOh people the shares will skyrocket. If they somehow lose the license at trial, they still keep YuGiOh license for two years...just not the five in the contract.

        The worst case scenario leaves 4Kids paying zero dollars, since bankrutpcy eliminates that liability. They will then just pick up the pieces by transfering the assets free and clear back over to the 4Sight licensing side by way of buying them in an auction.

        This is why most people here are STONE COLD LOSERS. The last four months has been greatly positive for 4Kids, yet nobody is even posting here.

        Sorry. Not everyone can win.

    • Too bad it's not good old Donnbonn's funeral. But I'd be satisfied knowing he had cancer, even if he stayed alive.

    • Alas poor Kide, we knew you well.....