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  • ezdeek ezdeek Dec 28, 2011 10:57 PM Flag

    Documenting how lazy most people are

    From this price of 6.5 cents, shareholders will make a minimum of 20 times their money.

    I have explained how this is a SLAM DUNK to these clowns on this board for 9 months. I have a ton of shares and will NEVER SELL until this plays out.

    I am documenting how lazy most investors are. Not only are they lazy, but they are blind, and afraid of success.

    Today is December 28th, 2011, and the share price closed today at 6.5 cents. How many chances do you get to make over 20 times your money?

    Not many. This is one of the very few, if not the only company I can find, where it is almost certain the price goes up 20 times in a short amount of time.

    You won't find many opportunities like this the rest of your life. I'm just letting you know that you are going to really regret watching me take down this big score.

    It can't possibly be that people are this blind.

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    • Doors about to get blown wide open here.Over 24 times your money from 6.5 cents, just like I said. Within the next 30 days we have a possible Lehman Announcement, a likely major Isoblox exciting announcement, as well as an annual meeting, that could possibly bring a vote on a buyout, or coincide with a major partnership deal.

      But even if you get none of the above, you are still up about 25 times your money since this post on December 28, 2011. And you only have to do that once or twice in your whole life.

    • Yaha.

    • Go here.

      Scroll to the middle of the page. 4Kids is listed second just under 360 Networks. Click 4Kids, then on the right click on Docket, then click submit.

      It is docket # 432,and it will look like this..

      432 12/23/2011

      Statement / Eighth Monthly Fee Statement Of Kaye Scholer LLP, Counsel For Debtors And Debtors-In-Possession, For Compensation For Services Rendered And For Reimbursement Of Expenses (November 2011), filed by Michael B. Solow on behalf of Kaye Scholer LLP. (Solow, Michael)

      Case: 4Kids Entertainment, Inc.

      Read that, then read the Judge's verdict, then send me a bonus in the mail. See ya.

    • "4Kids has an offer from Classic Media." Where is that??

    • And the verdict came out a day later, on December 29th. Complete victory, yet shares, now trading at 46 cents, still are not reflecting the great news from the trial.

      Take two hours and read this verdict. Thank me later.

    • "November billing from their attorneys"

      Do you have that available?

    • What's going on here?

    • The trial was over months ago. 4Kids is obviously retaining the rights to YuGiOh, and they are going to sell those rights to Classic Media.

      The reason that the Judge has not issued the official ruling is because she is protecting 4Kids' estate, and that estate includes Tax Assets from losses in previous years.

      If she were to announce what all parties already know, then the shares would spike and she would have to unwind some trades if someone acquired over 5 percent.

      4Kids alrady got a ruling in August that anybody who acquired over 614,000 shares could have those transactions terminated if it put its tax assets (NOL's) in jeopardy.

      4Kids has an offer from Classic Media. It is in the November billing from their attorneys. This is almost over.

      I just don't get how people can't see it. But that's how it goes. I can name 10 stocks off the top of my head that went up 10-30 times within a year or two, and every single one of them could have been bought near the lows if people had done a decent amount of research and put in a little effort.

      I will get all of the money very soon.

    • The most recent Kaye Scholer statement of fees is an interesting read. All sorts of possibilities in there. DIP financing, competing bids, Ch. 7 liquidation...

      Good luck

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      • Well, I told you all along that they really don't want people acquiring a bunch of shares. You will recall how in early November there were a few mentions of what to put in their 10Q as far as risk factors. This was right before, and likely during the time that the Classic Media offer was being established.

        It seems that they likely borrowed a million or two in DIP financing at that time, but it was not announced. There were mentions of liquidity in the billing at that time. Whatever the amounts, it really won't hurt 4Kids, as they are really breaking even, not losing money. Much of their losses have been writing down the Chaotic Franchise to zero (though it still has value), and also taking losses on the Auction Rate Securities.

        They will get millions from the Auction Rate Securities settlement. Lehman has 23.7 billion to distribute and that is coming up in early 2012. They may also sell their rights to that settlement. One of the notes in the billing mentioned "purchase of class action" and the name was E Pierson, I believe. This could be an offer to buy the rights to the Class Action Suit that 4Kids is involved in pertaining to the Lehman settlement on Auction Rate Securities.

        It will be a beautiful thing in the very near future. It will be like being tied to a rocket ship one day when I wake up.