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  • charboneus charboneus Jul 3, 2013 9:45 PM Flag

    Deek - quick question

    Hey dude,

    I noticed that the lehman trustee has filed about 98 different omnibus objections to general creditor claims, including as recently as today. And I know you've mentioned on this board that the trustee hasn't objected to KIDEQ's claim.

    Just curious: are you basing your comments off of a "4kids" search of the "Docket Text" box on the LBI Epiq page? Or have you actually looked at the exhibits for each of the omnibus objection motions and determined that KIDEQ is not listed on any of the exhibits?

    Thanks, bro.

    And happy 4th to all.

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    • Funny you mention that, as I was looking at the first wave of unsecured objections coming in today. What I have done in the past is just type in 4Kids in the place where it ask for Docket Text. I have also tried 4Licensing and FOUR. Today, however, I went through each objection and exhibit, making sure to look at every one in case it was listed as 4Kids, 4Licensing, and just in case it wasn't listed alphabetically, and somehow the 4 was stock in the middle of the list, which seemed to be alphabetical.

      It was a bit of a nerve-wracking sweat, even though I wasn't expecting to see anything. What I also looked for was anything related to auction rate securities, and I found nothing. I was going to post here about today's developments, mainly general unsecured creditor objections being filed, but 1) I am trying not to post, and 2) If there does appear an objection with our name on it, it still has to withstand a challenge, and I didn't want to #$%$ anybody and have to stare at a 39 cent bid again.

      I think we will make it through. If we see 4Kids in the objections, it will likely be to the punitive damages amount, as the claim is listed at just over 130 million, and that won't be happening (trust me). My guess is that there have been discussions, or will be discussions, and that the objections we will see are truly claims that shouldn't be allowed, anyways. I read one of the big ones, and it was obviously a bad claim. There are tons of small dollar claims listed, as well (in amounts like tens of thousands of dollars).

      I'm on top of things, as usual. It will be life changing money for me if we get at least 10 million, as the price should double immediately from here. The stakes are pretty high, but I would never sell even if we get zero here, so I'm not sure if I would be in the mood to shout to the world the news if I see that we have a fight on our hands. I haven't particularly enjoyed sitting on this low price for 18 months, when everything has gone right.

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      • One thing that could happen, and consider this a gift to the board from me (like the one I gave on December 31st) when there was still time to buy after I found out about the verdict), is that there is a possibility that one day, there could be a positive mention on the Trustee site that at least mentions 4Kids as having a legit claim, or even mentions an exact settlement amount before 4Kids announces it.

        There could also be something there which could make it obvious that we are home free. Something like all of the unsecured objections having been listed with no mention of 4Kids. These are the types of things you need to look for daily if you want to get ahead in life. You don't get many layups like the one where the verdict was out and nobody knew about it. In hindsight I cannot believe I didn't have ever friend and family member buying hand over fist the day I figured it out before anyone else. 80,000 shares on that info was nice, but should have had someone go with the plunge for me. It was free money. I should have made the once in a lifetime move, there. I didn't have any more dough to buy at the time. The next time I see a situation like that, even if it is something like spotting something about the Lehman amount, I will be making sure I get all that I can (and everyone I know does the same) before I make an announcement.