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  • disk_investor2 disk_investor2 Feb 18, 2012 8:17 PM Flag

    Is Seagate about to set another record?

    "Granted that the price has been ticking up for over a quarter now, but it still seems low relative the earnings being discussed"

    Actually, its up 200%, but your point about a ridiculously low P/E is on target. Don't blame your favorite whipping boy, too many timid PMs and crooked ANALysts with their heads up their butts.

    "I'm expecting that annual areal density growth rates this year will peak around 10 to 15%"

    Is that bad or good news?

    Hint, go back an look at earnings in the late 1990s when the GMR spin valve ramp produced 100%+ annual areal density growth.

    "It seems suggestive that only by consolidating the industry to near monopolies and then suddenly experiencing supply reductions can margins be improved"

    That worked for the Oil Companies, GM, Ford, Intel, Dupont, Enron, IBM, Boeing, ATT, Aloca, etc. FYI, Luczo is sandbagging margins.

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    • I certainly could set a record. With only a few exceptions, all the ANALysts are just shills for their trading cartel puppetmasters. It's not about investing, it's about saying whatever is required to setup the trade.

      It doesn't matter that earnings are going to reach record proportions this year and may exceed that next year. The shills will scream: "PEAK EARNINGS!" "PEAK MARGINS!" They will try to create all the FUD they can.

      It doesn't matter there's a $1 divvy - only investors care about that. And those ANALysts do not cater to investors.

      Finally, P/E ratios are totally meaningless to the hedge fund traders. The trading cartel only cares about how much volume they can create for each price differential.

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      • Having given my previous view, I will entertain that there is one nagging concern that is probably holding the stock price back: will the HDD companies blow it - again.

        I went on several tirades about this on the WDC board. But this industry has a history of slaying the goose that lays the golden egg. Noone can predict the future; therefore, this uncertainty will remain and will be used against the stock valuations.

        Will STX not screw up and produce too many of the wrong drive (or make a bad batch) which forces them to dump the units into the distribution channel?

        Will WDC stop acting like the red-headed HDD stepchild, and stop going after market share with opportunistic sales? When you ARE the largest HDD producer, you hurt yourself more in the long run than what you gained in the short term.

      • I'm going to just sit back and watch the hedges, MM's, institutions, and day traders swap their own spit (can I say semen on this board?)

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