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  • escapegrl1 escapegrl1 Jul 22, 2012 6:00 PM Flag

    P/E expansion

    Once STX finally does purchase a SSD company, does anyone think will we finally see some P/E expansion based on that fact?

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    • What ever happened to WW by the way??? I havent seen his annoying posts for awhile

      Plus when I first bought STX I followed this board but never posted and there use to be a guy named Bling... Kinda funny how they disappear when the stock price goes up! Just my thoughts

      Ohhh by the way if you waste your time reading and it makes you money, I really dont think thats a waste but please give me a head up!!!

    • heh i am not smart i just waste a lot of time reading.

      i will hold OCZ till something major happens, like i say it is for sale, worst comes to worse it wold sell at $7.50 still up 25% from current price.

      another company exactly like this is tqnt. WW hates them, but i can see a upside to them. might be a bad Q for them but the future is looking good.

    • HAHAHA....

      I usually say it's only money when I am at the casino... But I guess tomato, tomato.. right?

      I will look in to your tip, and please keep me updated on what your doing! You seem like one of the few honest ppl I met on here who is have way intelligent. Plus what ever you say is alot better than my recent investment in CLF (that one hurts!!!)

    • bri from the looks of it, all our stock will get hammered tomorrow. sucks when the overall market is in a funk.

      oh well it is only money.

      btw i am going to buy some more copx tomorrow. i been adding to this every time it dips. the world can go to hell but copper will always be needed, has been since the bronze age!!!

    • Hopefully it will be an all cash deal if this thing is legit...

      Think about P/E expansion with a huge shrink in the outstanding shares thanks to there massive buyback!!!

    • I was just thinking about that, you would think we could finally get a better multiple since they can't argue it is a dying buisness akin to cassette players blah, blah, blah....

      This actually might be a pretty good buy if they get it for a decent price

      • 1 Reply to briannna614
      • Exactly they won't have as much of an excuse to keep it down so low any longer. This could potentially be a $50 stock once earnings are more normalized with a P/E of 9 or 10.

        Well maybe this is good that they shop now that they are flush with cash and use it prepare for the future. I'm still not 100% sold on SSD taking over the world but they def. have their niche. I too think it's good for STX overall but they don't want to overpay or the market will make the S/H's pay. Now they're saying there could be an announcement as soon as tomm. Stay tuned!

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