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  • alexandertothepowerof100 alexandertothepowerof100 May 13, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Rumor: Chanos Also Short Air, Water and Sunlight

    Smart Shorts never talk their book: it's too dangerous. Only desperate ones. The CNBC exposure highlights this. Notice CNBC also doing hatchet job on Intuitive Surgical--ever notice how many litigators advertise on CNBC? Maybe the squeeze will begin after the dividend is paid. That is even more painful! Or more realistically, there will be no squeeze, just Chinese water torture as rational money (and ETFs and indexes) keep buying the stock!

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    • LOL, sport.

      You need to read the history on Jim Chanos.

      You are an idiot......and you WILL lose all your money if you hold on to this one.

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      • alexandertothepowerof100 alexandertothepowerof100 May 14, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

        Let's suppose you got off the phone with somebody, lets say a whale, perhaps even a "friend", who has told you he is a conviction short. Do you believe that person?Do you believe CNBC or even the WSJ? Or do you believe the fact that you can read right here on Yahoo Finance that Samsung has 45,239,490 shares of STX, a vested interest, and they want that investment to work out and also keep their production lines to keep operating smoothly.In fact, Samsung can't easily sell that investment with out tanking the stock. They are "in bed". And it ain't a bad mattress! In regards to Seagate's "lack of solid state product", do you think for even a moment that Samsung cannot easily marshal the considerable forces of Korea to crush competition and come out with as much product as the market needs in a second.

        Have a nice day! My volume charts are a nice spring green!

      • alexandertothepowerof100 alexandertothepowerof100 May 13, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

        The thing is, microcephalic bird, you are calling me an idiot when you write and argue at a third grade level, well let alone state any factual information. All you can do is parrot idiotic arguments.

        I know all about Chanos. I also did not buy Enron back in the 1990's because of problematic bookkeeping back then. This is no Enron. Seagate is selling a product--I actually have one sitting on my desk. They have solid state drives also, as well as intellectual property and industry experience that spans the entire breadth of the tech market. Importantly, they are a survivor or the disk drive industry shakeout. That takes something called management.

        You do not short what used to be called "chicken tech" stocks. LuLu Lemon--that's another story. Taiwan Semi is another example of this genre-- take a look at the chart of that one and also the astronomical valuation it now sports. One must realize that storage is _agnostic_ to the particular failures or merits of devices. This is one of the reasons Samsung sold it's drive biz--conflict of interest.

    • newbies make me laugh. Jim Chano's knows.

    • keep telling yourself that buddy~!

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