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  • santafenm1 santafenm1 Dec 4, 2012 3:54 AM Flag

    Why is it down after a good dividend?

    Are there any technical factors specific to this stock or the industry, i.e. other than market economics, that the price is under pressure. They just declared the best monthly dividend this year, so what's keeping down the stock price?

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    • theres no buying and hold these divy payers any more. most of them are trying to game the xdate and end up loosing more money than they make on divy. lately any thing that pays a decent divy actually are going down before the xdate. i think mom and pop have exited a lot of these stocks. ive been holding 1200 to collect the divy and trading around 1500 around the divy date. i wish i didnt have to do that and could just let them ride but it is what it is right now. this thing should be at 20 right now but in this hyperactive market the people with adhd are not taking their meds and believe a long hold is 3 hrs to 3 days.

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      • Here's a quote from a year old article from seeking alpha

        "The trust has hedges in place thru October 31st, 2012. The hedges, per SEC filing page 47, are $87.75 per oil barrel and $4.19 per million cubic feet of natural gas (MMcf)."

        Now, $4.19 is a pretty good price for NG considering that NG has been trading under $3. Per NDRO's press releases on dividend announce,ent, the recent NG price has been around $2.50. Does anyone know if they have new hedging contracts and at what price?

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    • maybe fiscal cliff #$%$? Maybe anticipated lower oil prices? In any event, nothing wrong with NDRO. Just keep collecting the divvy and buy something else with it if you have enough of this stock. I will buy more but at $15.00 if it ever gets there. If not, I'll buy something else.

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