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  • minnesotafarmcountry minnesotafarmcountry Feb 19, 2014 10:31 AM Flag


    Since I brought it up ... here is a nice little summary from a reputable poster there:
    Bullish, I get your fear as it is the same with any biotech that depends on results from their pipeline. Although we are not privy to the results behind the curtain, there are a lot of dots to connect here that give me a much greater degree of confidence then with other companies I have owned in the past. They are:

    1. Hires in January with Genzyme in their resume. Mentioned by many, these are powerful players who took the plunge after being provided the details of the clinical work before signing on. No chance Lou Brenner is going to sign on unless he is sold on the science. He is in the peak of his career and this is a long term decision we wants to get right since he could write his own ticket with his iron clad resume.

    2. All three groups - Board of Directors, Management Team and Clinical Board are 5-Star talent. This is a baseline requirement of mine before considering an investment in an equity. There are a number on the Board starting with the Chairman who could take over as CEO without the company missing a beat. I have never been so impressed with these three groups and they all work for us!

    3. Strong secondary that was inhaled by funds ( mainly the Baker Brothers with warrants ) which is a strong signal. Follow the smart money.

    4. Preliminary clinical results are very promising and if you read between the lines at the last conference you get the feeling our CEO is giddy about our overall future.

    I share your concerns as I have a big stake in this company, but I sleep well at night knowing that others have made bigger bets personally and financially.

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    • Interesting as I'm loaded to the gills with IDRA!

      Very good points. Looking for strong management and the addition of new key people to take a company to the next level. The exact opposite of our old friend Siga. want a secondary to be grabbed up by the big boys but in our case it was even better by
      the non dilutive financing done with one company.

      Pre clinical results are not that important to me frankly. I don't invest in most bios until a Phase II is completed with excellent results. Too much risk. CEO is "giddy".?.. They're always giddy for the most part given their salaries and stock options regardless of how the company does...LOL! No...I like the more silent and removed CEO's like we had at Trius and now here. Smart intellects and straight shooters...Not BS artists.

      I don't get comfy thinking others have a lot more into a company than I do. They just may have a lot more money to throw at the dart board. I mean the BB's have done great, especially in PCYC, but they have now over 40 different positions and a lot of those have not done so hot recently.

      No...I try not to follow the "greater fool theory". The BB's know that just by their buying ANY small bio, their name alone is good for a 25% or more move in the stock...Short term that is. That is their game with a lot of the stuff I think that they have been buying of late. Easy money for them...Not so much so for the late comer investors.

      GLTALs here and hopefully the best is yet to come!

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