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  • dave1mn2 dave1mn2 Jan 4, 2008 11:00 AM Flag

    Good Morning

    Just got back from a trip to FL. The fishing and the weather was mixed with a few days spent enjoying the day and chilling by the sound of the surf rather than the sound of drag being pulled. One day was very good though with a half doz. reds in the 20 - 30lb. class. Those are always fun.

    Talked to 3 realtors ... They are not having fun. All expect a recovery but with the arms problem still to peak, and such a lrg. inventory to work through all expect it to take a while yet though all conceed that such a problem in an election yr. coupled with the fact that the banks don't want to own this stuff does provide a wild card situation.

    Prices on the beach are off but still selling and demand is absorbing the slower but still brisk construction. Everything else is dead.

    At home, I've been actively looking for a new house for us and will add the current one to the rentals. Finding a couple bank owned but non bank owned sellers are as yet holding firm.

    Picked up a few tax loss targets on the 31st and untill this morning's jobs report was doing fine.

    Lots more travel planned for this spring and for one trip will likely be outta touch for a month or so. I think I'm postioned fairly well for auto pilot but nobody is bullet proof.

    In weighted order, BRKB, FCX, cash, PWE(new), GGG, LVLT(new), MMR, PSEC(added), NFIPRC, MHTX, BJS(added), Never pulled the trigger on ADM damnit.

    A couple fort knox, a couple should be OKs, a couple lotto tickets. Decent yields on a few and cash is still strong but much less so than most of last year.