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  • kubrock2002 kubrock2002 Jan 17, 2008 7:57 PM Flag

    Names for New Lists?

    Subprime Slautered? or how about Bernanke Busted? These might make up some pretty long lists. If the market is going to go into convulsions and scare the bejesus out of us, the least it can do is give us some bargains on the good stuff. Anybody have favorites they don't own because of valuations, etc?
    Good luck to all and hope for lot's of dry powder at the bottom


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    • greetings kubrock and thanks for your note
      on this board......
      just to keep the "party" going, I wonder
      what you think of SMRT.....
      B4 answering review all three items:

      I trust you know from my past correspondence,
      that I am not "screwing" around--- I have appreciated
      all your comments and find them of great value to me
      please stay around.... this "tank" has all the
      makings of an interesting one....
      my very best to you and family,

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      • 500000 shares this past week!

      • I find it interesting that the company bought back shares @over $8 a share. This company owns no real estate as all of their stores and HQ is leased. So book value is basically is store fixtures and inventory? The company says that some of their leases are long term and marginal stores that might have been closed otherwise could stay open. The last 10Q was estimating a 15 cent loss and now the company is estimating 35 to 40 cents. I have a feeling that the buy back is a hail mary and might be good for a short term bounce, but until this nasty little bear we are in is under control, this might have alot further to fall.
        It's been a while since I have been out of retail, but a few things to keep in mind are margin, inventory turn over, and sales per sq. ft. And remember this. You don't need profit for liquidity, but you need profit to pay for long term assets. I guess what I am saying is that if they can stay liquid without killing their margins too bad, they will have a sporting chance going back to profitability when this downturn comes to an end. Unfortunately, the shareholder is going to feel the pain.(and they already are)


    • Kubrock,

      MMR just missed by quite a bit though still strongly improved from previous. If they make half what is estimated for 08 its a multi bagger.

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      • Hi Dave

        Hore you are keeping warm. Kinda chilly out here NW of Buffettsville. Will check out MMR this weekend. A quick look shows very little cash and not enough current assets to cover current debt. A dilution coming? Will dig further. Thanks.
        Some stuff I am watching fall and would like to own are
        And heaven forbid if the price gets down BRKB ;)
        JOF looks enticing.
        Better get back to work. Looks like a busy weekend