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  • bdparts bdparts Apr 2, 2008 7:55 PM Flag

    kubrock .......

    i have not done ANY work on these guys:
    .... but in a highly competive mkt, these
    guys at first glance seem to be chugging
    along ....(you cannot tell it from the chart):

    but the numbers seem to indicate, at first
    glance that they might survive, and keep
    on ticking ... might be good for a few
    points when the mkt settles (hopefully)
    ... today the adv/decline line looked
    instead like an up day ... adv @1963 with
    declines @ 1360
    let me know whad U think on PCCC
    PIR and SMRT up a bit but on the group
    board ... someone was saying he's gonna
    short PIR ... as no one but the clerks in
    the five stores he has visited ... (generally
    not a good sign-- unless he's there at the
    opening bell).... more later,