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  • bdparts bdparts Jul 5, 2008 8:43 PM Flag


    greetings kubrock...and 'tanks' for your excellent
    observations and call on STSA ...
    my question now is whether you think CBBO will
    hit 5/share ....and stabilize .... or do you
    see lower prices........

    STSA has earned you the entry to the "2008 call
    hall of fame" runoff .... and everybody likes
    a "runoff" ......

    let me know if you have a thought on CBBO ...
    best to you and all the little 'tankers'....
    more later,
    nice markets,

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    • sorry, I forgot the charts:

      more later,

      • 1 Reply to bdparts
      • Hi Mr. Parts

        Hope you are surviving this dought of confidence we seem to be going through. When the big boys screw up, we all seem to pay. Don't know if CBBO will go to $5.00 or not, but it would not surprise me if it does. I am not going to play these until they are totally left for dead or we start seeing some massive insider buying. I think we are still too early to the party. I think the writedowns are just starting and the regionals prices will plummet to depths that will make your head spin. But then again, who am I to say?
        I did buy some BMNM.PK awhile back stictly as a speculation. Very beaten up and could very well could go to zero. Kind of like DRL.
        Not seeing much I want to own(yet) and too much money still seems to be sloshing around. Heard from Trixie?
        Thanks for the accolades, but until I can say I've made a few bucks on a call, I am sure there are more deserving.
        Talk to you soon