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  • kubrock2002 kubrock2002 Jul 18, 2008 11:09 PM Flag

    from the 'bored' :)

    What a week that was. Things that should have come down in weeks or monthes came apart in hours. This market is not for the faint at heart. I am surprised that there weren't a few window jumpers.
    Looking at the charts I am wondering if we are on the first half of a "W" forming. And looking at volume, we seem to be at the top. Any suggestions on what this means. Is it time to pack the bags and grab the next train? Or is it time to back up the truck?
    Like the 70's
    Dazed and Confused


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    • Well, I been busy buying but also being fairly careful about maintaining an opportunistic cash weighting.

      Bought several more baby bs, more PSEC, thinking about more PWE and ADM and re-entering MMR. FCX was tempting but I already got a gob of it. Had missed a sale of 1/2 of PWE, right day wrong price. Missed adding to NTE by 3 cents right before the big launch and by a damn penny on that big down spike! RRR!!!

      Added to a lotto ticket MHTX. Some movement there lately but absolutely nothing to count on. Wild speculation only.