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  • sapplee Nov 12, 2012 10:13 AM Flag

    A little positive news gives us a little "pop"

    Will it move us back above a $1? Probably not, judging from how this is manipulated by shorts, day traders, etc.

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    • sapplee Nov 12, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

      I rest my case! Up eight cents early only to fall back down to only one cent by day's end. Why did I get into this scam???

      • 1 Reply to sapplee
      • Stop saying it's a scam and just sell please. If you watched the video on the product launch your initial reaction should have been " that's an fairly interesting product, one that no one has". Whether it becomes large or not on the revenue contribution side is anyone's guess. Too many variables there to make a case. Either way, they have clearly reinvented themselves and are working to differentiate hoping to grab new revenues. If you read their earnings script you would see that they talk about moving out of the solar panel business until it becomes a demanding section again. In my opinion they are the only Solar company I would touch at this point and I don't view them as a straight solar company. So it's like getting two opportunities in one. The way the stock trades has nothing to do with Ascent. If you are annoyed with yesterday's trading be mad at the market markers or the weak hands that sold into strength. These two things will take care of themselves. That's the mechanics of the market. We seek to find inefficient markets in the hopes of overexagerated stock prices but the flip side has to be under exaggerated stock prices. Here one must be patient.

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