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  • dedrapop dedrapop Jan 23, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    Shorts make millions short selling ASTI and manipulate price to the lowest level possible.

    Demand NAKED Short Selling to STOP!

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    • You don't know the identity of short sellers or others seemingly betting on lower stock prices for ASTI in the future. You don't know if they are, or aren't, ASTI shareholders. Look at the holders of ASTI and you will see several accounts for Dimensional Fund Advisors a/k/a DFA. These guys are typically oil, gas and coal investors. What are they doing buying ASTI? DFA is respected as a sophisticated institutional investment group. If ASTI is such a bad investment, why did DFA build such a large position? The patents ASTI holds are worth more than the current market value of the company. You don't know what is going on with ASTI stock. It's not that simple. For example, hypothetically, a savvy investor might purchase a large amount of ASTI stock to be in position to steal ASTI's patents if they are able to put ASTI out of business.

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      • Good point although they stopped accumulating last Sept. Institutional buying has been interesting since and there are virtually no divestitures. ASTI mgt has been their own worst enemy historically and helped the shorts out quite a bit imo with poor past business strategies and implementations. Some of their past forward looking statements are quite suspect in retrospective, vis a vi what was actually going on internally that they did not disclose. Borderline at best. When they low balled their own stock to get operating revenue (aka desperation) the air seemed to all go out of the already severely deflated balloon. Perhaps there are patent scavangers out there lurking. But then again, there has been no hint of bigger solar players being the least bit interested in their technologies ven on the cheap. Of course, PERS bought some and they are usually the kiss of death investment wise.

    • shorts are stilling investors money

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