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  • mjbwp mjbwp Dec 2, 2009 10:26 PM Flag


    I see your point with this, but what do you think it will mean?

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    • How could the United States Treasury allow Blackrock to participate in the PPIP? AHR is down over 90% and we should allow them to manage more distressed assets?

      Until AHR Shareholders are made "whole" again, Blackrock should never be allowed to use tax dollars for this purpose.

      1) Anthracite is externally managed by a subsidiary of BlackRock, Inc. Anthracite Capital is a specialty finance company focused on investments in high yield commercial real estate loans and commercial real estate.

      2) In July the Treasury selected Blackrock (among others) to raise at least $500 million. This amount, combined with as much as $30 billion of Treasury equity and debt, will be used to purchase troubled assets.

      Join me in emailing the following people. Each person here is close to the situation or should report on this very interesting story. AHR is saved or Blackrock is not allowed in to continue in PPIP. (analyst) (analyst) (analyst) (analyst) (analyst) (analyst) (analyst) (Kramer) (Kudlow) (cnbc) (Treasury) (Treasury) (Treasury) (Treasury) (Treasury) (bloomberg) (morningstar) (forbes)