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  • un_ethical_moron un_ethical_moron Feb 21, 2010 11:11 AM Flag

    I have no interest in this stock!


    However, I want to tell you that if you invest or speculate on AHR/ACPI you are an idiot.

    AND, I'm going to spend all of my time for the rest of my life telling you what a BAAAAAD stock this is. There is no way it survives. I am going to repeat this over and over again, FOREVER.

    Remember I am highly ethical and therefore, I must demean those who disagree with me, laugh at them and call them names...I have to do this....I have no choice...because of my ethics.

    I live to do this.

    I will not answer any question about why I do this...I just do.

    I must protect you from yourself.

    Remember, I will do this forever.

    I am watching.

    Whatever you say I will disagree.

    This is bad. This is bad. This bad. This bad. This bad. This bad.

    This topic is deleted.
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