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  • loverofbottoms loverofbottoms Feb 16, 2007 9:15 PM Flag

    To put this in perspective: 48% in 1.5 months of this year already

    This is after a 77% run from august to end of last year. Basically, this thing hasn't even taking a freakin' breather. You guys are phucking nuts not to take profits. I can't wait until we get the bagholder count running because so far, there is not 1 long loser if they held. NOt 1. Stocks don't go one way, otherwise, everybody would make money, well for ICE, everybody has made money except us SHORT. I am SHORT. Will cover in the next month with a grand profit. DAMN am I PISSED by this manipulation.

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    • Wow, would you look at that�another whinny short licking his wounds and praying for a miracle to save his/its sorry ass� Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! LMAO!!!

      Damn, these self-loathing idiots are so predictably pathetic I can�t help but laugh every time I read one of these pathetic and lame diatribes disguised as a post. I swear these LOSERs must be crying like little girls when they�re typing these pathetic and laughable postings.

      What a sad-sad specimen of humanity these idiotic shorts are, always hoping for the worst in life so their worthless and meaningless lives will somehow seem better by comparison, no wonder their broker�s agreement comes with a living will addendum in case they fall into another one of their near comatose stupors normally brought about be another one of their trading stupidities!

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