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  • stockplayahater stockplayahater Feb 20, 2007 7:22 PM Flag

    st luca- what is your problem

    yeah, i'm calling you out.

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    • StLuca is angry because he couldnt return back to his lover at Tora Bora caves as he is pinned down in some rat hole in Iraq hiding from the US & Iraqi troops. Professor Mullah Dumbahmed at Bin Laden University has taught him to speak only bad words and so thats why everytime he opens his mouth you see only those words coming out. He is hoping with all the money he is making at ICE, he would be able to buy a ticket out of his rathole back to Tora Bora. We will have to bear with him a bit.

      • 1 Reply to norastradl
      • Oh honey, it sounds like you missed me already. Admit it! I make your worthless, boring, and sexless life worth living. You fantasize about me!!! It�s ok, we all know it, so don�t be shy�you can say it, I won�t get upset.

        You see babe, I�m not �angry� nor do I know whatever gave you that impression. Actually my little jelly belly sugar plum, with a face so ugly, you almost look like your mother did, before the operation, the truth is I couldn�t be HAPPIER! More then that I�m cheerful, ecstatic, blissful, content begun belief, gleeful, delighted, joyful, thrilled, tickled pink, and way-way UP-BEAT!!!

        You see my fat ass little dumpling, unlike your sad ass and pathetic portfolio mine goes up $3.8K every time ICE goes up another buck, so why would I be angry? Hahahaaaa!!! LMAO!!!

        You see my little gargantuan ass darling, don�t let the crudeness, nasty, and vulgar talk fool you, I�m actually a big old cuddly teddy bear at heart if you must know. And as far as entertaining goes. Well lady, you don�t know the half of it!

        So what do you say? Why don�t we go back to my crib and do some math: Add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and multiply!!!

        XOXOXOXOX Luca

    • Idiot, I piss on you and your ameba size brain! I mean, don�t you ever get tired of always being WRONG a-hole? Talk about stupid and lame?

      �rELAx! I'm so confident this will sell off tomorrow that I shorted to the max. No risk no reward. There is no way this closes on a gap up, it will be sold off. Mark this.�

      Now do us all a favor�try Smith & Wesson: the original point and click interface and solve ALL your problems.

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