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  • stluca68 stluca68 Feb 22, 2007 9:25 PM Flag


    Prior idiotic proclamations by Schizo-Cramer�

    Friday, 02/09/07

    Cramer: Iceman's darn good, and I've got nothing against it. I recommended that people ring the register on ICE, and then I had to say yeah, right back in it, because I was too negative. I am a big believer in ICE. I like all the exchange stocks but ICE - I'm blessing right here, right now.

    Wednesday, 01/17/07

    Cramer: I may have committed a cardinal sin... In the sell block, I was telling people to exchange ICE for NYX*. NYX* is still my growth stock of the year...however! The ICE still does not melt... I do not understand why this stock is so strong, other than it trades oil... I still like NYX* more. Don't buy, don't buy.

    Thursday, 1/11/07

    Cramer: Today, I'm throwing ICE under the bus, and into the sell block. The stock is up huge already. I've been bullish about it almost the whole way. I think it's time for you to take some profits if you own it. The problem with ICE - as my colleague, Charles Norton, writes - comes from their acquisition of the New York Board of Trade - a deal that I think is great. You see, the deal was supposed to close in the 2nd half of last year, but it actually won't close until next Friday. The terms of the deal - and this is what's important - let NYBOT members take, either $1 million in cash, or 17,000 shares of ICE. But 17,000 shares of ICE are now worth $2.3 million. You'd have to be an idiot if you took the cash over the stock - an idiot. And you'd be an out-and-out pig if you didn't take something off the table. Now, there aren't any restrictions on when NYBOT members can sell their shares of ICE. And, since everyone... will most likely be taking stock, and the stock has had a gigantic run, I have to believe that a lot of the NYBOT seat holders will quickly sell their shares of ICE. That would create a gigantic oversupply of shares. There is the reason why I think it should come down.

    I wouldn't want to own ICE until the selling's over. Frankly, if you want to own an exchange stock, I'd still prefer my growth stock of the year, NYX*. I prefer it to ICE, even without the growth pressure.

    Tuesday, 11/14/06

    Cramer: Take a bow, ice man. It's up 220% since it came public last November.

    Wednesday, 11/08/06

    Cramer: It sells at twice its growth multiple. We know on Mad Money, that once we pay that much, there's very little upside without danger. That was WFMI problem, remember, we were paying 3x their growth rate. Take some ICE off the table, and put some in NYX.

    Wednesday, 05/31/06

    Cramer: ICE be the iceman my friend. I think you schnitzel out of ICE here and you still buy BOT at $10. Because, what's happening here is that a rate increase of 20% is going to translate into much higher earnings and you know people are going to come and love that. 'Mon-back up $9. It's not my style, but I think it's right this time.

    BOTTOM-LINE: Cramer is a MORON, he has proven that over and over again! He has been telling people to sell out of ICE ever since the stock hit $55 back in May of last year (2006), and then again when it hit the $80s last November. Said NYX was a better buy at the time and that you should swap into that instead�WHAT A F-CKING MORON?!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because if you listened to that MORON then you would have missed out on some HUGE PROFITS, just compare the charts�

    As you can see ICE has more the doubled since that MORON said to swap out of ICE and into NYX, which has done nothing but languish since his moronic proclamation. Yup, great call Cramer you f-cking moron clown!!! Got anymore great ideas asswipe?!!!

    No wonder Leonard the Wonder Monkey always kicks his ass!

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