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  • jimmetheass jimmetheass Feb 23, 2006 12:44 PM Flag

    SHORTs at an ALL TIME HIGH !

    What's up with this, my fellow LONGS?

    Has IFNY Management or Staff LEAKED information to fellow CRONIES to SHORT THIS PIG?

    IFNY $ 8.73
    Infinity Energy Resources Inc. 0.24
    Shares Short 864,779
    Days to Cover (Short Ratio) 9.0
    Short % of Float 6.76 %
    Short % Increase 7.25 %

    I hope I am wrong, cause once the institutions start dumping we will be back where we started from ..... $4's !!!!

    Look out Below .... WATER in the HOLE !


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    • Thanks, GaPL, and BShaef. I've been reading the EAA sight and have friends of friends who have built planes. Right now, I'm building a boat (just a small one) but it's taking longer than it ought (perhaps because I have two young children at home).

      Anyway, my thought is to build something with either an open cockpit, or a very slow stall speed and short take off roll. The idea would be to land on a tiny little piece of ground near a home out in the country. I want to fly to have fun, not because I have to.

      BTW-Recent Saudi instability is making the news. Should make domestic energy supplies move valuable.

    • <<<Has IFNY Management or Staff LEAKED information to fellow CRONIES to SHORT THIS PIG?

      Well, if there is one thing I have learned in my years of trading.....look for the spike in short interest vs natural gas pricing. There is almost 100% correlation to a growing number of open interest short contracts signalling a gas move to a higher price is about to occur. Likewise, a growing short-base for IFNY is probably signalling a contrarian move upwards is about to begin.....spikes in short interest are almost always a good time to buy. All IMHO.

    • Say BShaef:

      The fly in convention that your engineer friend goes to is called: The EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION Fly-In in Oshkosh, WI in July. Its located just off of highway 41, south of Oshkosh. You can see it from the highway. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EEA for short) in the largest fly-in in the world. You should see these planes flying overhead, there beautiful, but loud.

    • I have a petroleum engineer friend in Tulsa who built and maintains his own airplane. He goes to the fly in convention every year somewhere in Wisconsin. He spends a lot of time on his plane. He gets a lot of satisfaction working on that plane.

    • Jim, the nicest thing I can call you is a self-motivated negative rumor monger.

      I'm still waiting for some short to come forward with some relevant negative fundamentals on why I should short this stock. No takers.

      The only reason given to short this thing is so day traders and shorts can make money. Not a motivation for me to sell.

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      • A short is betting that IFNY's oil and gas operations are all smoke and mirrors. To date a short would be right, but that might not always be the case.

        A long is betting that IFNY is an honest to God oil and gas company. To date he would be wrong but that might not always be the case.

        The way I see it, IFNY has about a 50 50 chance of succeeding or failing. Longs believe that it's better than 50 50 even though IFNY has no tangible proof yet, and a short thinks its worse than 50 50.

        The jury is still out.

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