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  • rbctex rbctex Apr 5, 2006 9:03 PM Flag

    IFNY adds additional acreage

    What I post is fact! You can check this out on if you care about facts.

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    • RBC: trackmaster is called a grade C basher. This putz usually posts in all small caps, likes to tout Canadian stocks on the Toronto and Vancouver exchanges.His post got you excited...he really needs to be ignored. If he was a Grade F basher we would all conclude that he is a complete idiot. He would have us convinced that he knows nothing about stocks. But he has touted some decent performing Canadian issues ...problem is all after they went up!

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      • RE:"trackmaster is called a grade C basher."
        "he has touted some decent performing Canadian issues ...problem is all after they went up!"

        Yes oregano, another classic way in which a BASHER will attempt to gain credibility ..... make a list of stocks that have had meteoric rises, and then claim that you are a genius who bought these before their rise. Kind of like BS haef and his TXCC.

        If these BASHERS were stock picking wizards they would be on the Riviera, instead they are Bashing on this out of the way board, hoping to shake lose some pennies from the nervous.

        The more one reads and learns of the "Black Art of Bashing" the easier it is to recognize and ignore their chicanery.

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