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  • irthling_observer irthling_observer Dec 1, 2006 9:32 AM Flag

    It is December 1

    Wasn't COWS to be a done deal by now?

    Stan, what is the status?

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    • Beware, OREGANO is a PAID SHILL tied to IFNY in some economic way. He spews nothing but bullsh!# from his mouth. He sounds like that idiot at IFNY who was running around with a Excel Spreadsheet showing IFNY is worth $17 PPS as compared to other E&P firms. MORE BULLSH!#.

      Now talk to STAN ROSS and he blames the PPS in the $3's on an uneducated shareholder basis. In other words its not the fact that IFNY Management STAN ROSS & JIM TUELL have done nothing but destroy the company with their blithering actions. With the last PR stating the RIG was RETURNING, IFNY shareholder know IFNY MANAGEMENT are LIARS. This is why we are here today.

      In SUMMARY, close to two years ago the company was being sold in the area of $10+ PPS. Now two years later, after failed projects, further dillution, the company will be luck to see $6+ PPS. In other words shareholders have learned IFNY MANAGEMENT are LOSERS and as far as shareholder value, they have not done their job and are LIARS, with excuse after excuse, time and time again!

      Don't listen to OREGANO, he is on IFNY payroll someway as a PAID PUMPER ! He acts quite knowledgable on STAN's actions!

      Don't trust IFNY management, they are LIAR's! Remember the gas at LaBarge that never came to fruitation, the PR upholding the promissed RIG arriving in October. These lowlifes have no concern with shareholder value, only there to further their econimic gain in free shares. JIM TUELL blunders with CAPEX causing further dillution and STAN ROSS needs to be given more discounted shares to come back and do his job? INVESTOR BEWARE of these cronies!

      As far as the PR goes, somehting is up and it might mean the BUYER has WALKED! IFNY could be scrambling to put PLAN B in place. No PR can be release until PLAN B is in place otherwise we will tank down into the $2's.

      Only time will tell .... and stanthea$$ will warn !!!!!

      telling it like it is ..... stanthea$$

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