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  • wild_trader wild_trader Jun 22, 2000 7:25 PM Flag

    Someone here recommended CHK

    I have been watching it closely for the last
    couple of weeks. It hit a new high for the year today at
    6 1/2! About every other or every third day it hits
    a new year high. Volume is great at 1.5 mil+. It
    has more than doubled since March. It is highly
    recommended by a dozen brokerage firms. This has proven
    potential. IFNY at this point is a wish that MAY come true,
    despite all the dreamers.

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    • I have read through the last few dozen posts and
      I see your points rebutted only with personal
      attacks and claims that all will be well when and
      if.....You raise more valid points of concern than are
      answered with notes or reports on progress on any of the

      It's funny; these boards have been around now for
      nearly two years, I guess, and I see recurring patterns.
      Often on a board there is a small group of avid and
      often well spoken supporters of a stock and its
      manangemnet. Challengers get rude treatment. When such a set
      of circumstances exists for a stock that is
      languishing way behind its peers, it, in this case IFNY,
      doesn't take off.

      I put on a small position in
      this company to get a feel for it. Not out much more
      than the commissions, currently, but I sense there is
      something wrong. Why can't STAN find a partner if his asset
      is so promising? And why are oillaw's comments so

    • Canadian oil and natural gas companies are going
      to have a gusher in the up coming months. Alot of
      the hip is because of the U.S.demand on

      Is there any Canidian firms located at LaBarge?
      (Just wondering)!!

    • not Cherokee. Make any more sense now?

    • ignorance of the oil business and accountants and
      lawyers shines like a bright beacon on a dark night.

      Want to know what attorneys/accountants do for an oil
      company. They simply maintain the ownership, make sure all
      bills are paid, revenues are collected, taxes are paid,
      royalties are paid and everythis is correctly accounted
      Want an example - an accounting clerk forgot to pay a
      $25 invoice on a well drilling in Oklahoma. The
      company lost their lease for failure to pay. Another
      company bought the lease for $12MM and made a fortune on
      it. That's just one story. So unless you know what
      you speak of, as Jim Rhome says, close your

      May sound simple to you, but til you've walked in
      another man's shoes don't even think about denigrating
      his profession. I don't and you should be ashamed
      that you do.

      I really gave you more credit
      than that, but your message sounds a little
      belligerent, so I guess mine can too.

    • barrel polymer flood just isn't worth much on the
      market. Think about it, what would someone be willing to
      pay for a dinky little reserve that is using pretty
      exotic technology to recover the oil.

      around, companies have millions and millions of proved
      producing barrels on the books already. What would a
      500,000bbl addition do for them. Not much.

      So, don't
      pin your hopes on a quick sale of Cherokee. Nope,
      IFNY needs to focus solely on LaBarge and nothing else
      until they see results from pilot project. Until the
      wells start selling gas, they are just a pipe dream.
      That's a fact of life.

    • Sorry, hype is making greatly exaggerated
      publicity intended to excite public interest.

      is no HYPE in my statements. I have made no
      exaggerated claims. I clearly stated that there is risk
      associated with IFNY�s endeavors and there are no
      guarantees. It is up to you as an investor to do your
      homework on the NG industry (read articles referenced by
      these postings) and investigate IFNY�s potential and
      decide if the risk is worth the potential.

    • I, like you, left here for a while to attempt to
      profit elsewhere.(Didn't work out very well. LOL) But my
      reasoning is this. Would you be better off with an
      immediate sale of Cherokee in this gas enviroment or would
      you be better doing a long-term development with gas
      prices likely to drop at some point in the future. I
      believe that we can get better value for Cherokee in the
      next few months than the present value of the
      long-term profits if we develop it ourselves. Cash proceeds
      could then be used toobtain other properties/rights and
      development strategies would again depend on market
      conditions. In a short time we would be in a position where
      we could effectively do large scale developments
      with a quick ramp-up ability. I have to believe that
      Stan knows this and that is doing all he can to wrap
      this up quickly. Could happen anytime and that is why
      I am back in. All opinion of course.

    • have walked away from this discussion a number of
      e-mails ago if not for the personal attacks. I will leave
      after this e-mail bacause it is more of the same hype.
      However, I do find it interesting that no one can truly
      refute what I am saying so they engage in personal
      attacks. I for one will wait for true development to

    • Crunch the numbers on the Labarge property any
      way you want. By the way that will become easier
      after the annual report is published. There will be
      cost analysis on the Labarge property in the annual
      report. The bottom line is that when IFNY is totally
      functional on a property containing 460+BCF of NG, IFNY is
      going to be making a lot of money, not to mention the
      Cherokee and Gillette operations. Yes, IFNY may miss some
      of the sweet spot. Then again, indications are that
      things will only get better for the NG industry.
      Certainly, investing in IFNY does contain risk. There are
      still risks pertaining to the Labarge property. Every
      day risks are being eliminated with further
      development. There is a risk that IFNY will not acquire the
      new property. On the other hand you have the
      opportunity of getting in on the ground floor. IFNY�s market
      cap is only 17.5 mil. If you have been reading the
      articles that I have been referencing pertaining to NG and
      the possibility of NG being a great investment for
      the next several years you can only come to one
      conclusion: Investing in NG issues is a smart move. I
      certainly would not advocate putting all of your money in
      IFNY there are still risks. However, if IFNY
      successfully develops the Labarge property with or without a
      partner; if IFNY acquires the property they have been
      pursuing for the last 18 months and if they are successful
      in developing that property, if the Cherokee
      property produces as indicated, IFNY investors will reap
      huge returns. Yes there are lots of Ifs and it is not
      going to be done over night but as IFNY continues to
      eliminate risks your chances of getting in on the ground
      floor are going to be eliminated.

    • For he comes by his ignorance honestly. He is a
      member of an elite profession that can only make money
      by taking it off the hard workers who made it in the
      first place. I'm not sure which is worse, an accountant
      or a lawyer. I have never seen either of them on the
      factory floor helping to produce a product. I have never
      seen either of them in the field helping to grow a
      crop, and I did see one drive by an oil field one day
      but he didn't get out of his Lincoln.

      nothing personal I just like to have fun with some
      people. By the way for you impatient lawyers, why does it
      take years for some minor litigation to take place? I
      have been involved in several minor lawsuits and if I
      had a dollar for every time the attorney said, "We
      should be able to settle next week." I would be a rich
      man. How can you possibly throw a stone when you live
      in a glass house.

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