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  • aug1642 aug1642 Feb 7, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    BRFNK - himx

    you said you bought in on jan 29th in the 2.61 range and sold in the 2.90s for a quick profit. now youre saying you bought again in the 2.60s? when? it was never there again...keep your stories straight will ya

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    • you added on february 4th, when the price ranged from 2.85 - 2.91...and you sold today in the 2.80s - so at best you broke even, correct? This after saying last nite the stock was gonna run today off the earnings...guidance was out last nite as well. between this and not being upfront about your ktcc sales youre losing respect

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      • Barney is such a herky jerky trader dude, that it would be too exhausting (for him as well as us!) to fill you all in on his manipulations. I can actually relate to that, since it has been my own style recently. This is a trader's market. The only thing consistent about Barney, yo, is that he is generally luckless, although he seems to be doing better lately. Same could be said for most of us, I guess, and It proves we're human. Certain of our geniuses have lost a little credibility lately, even if there is general agreement that they have great knowledge. It's just reenforcing the idea that trading /investing is both art and gambling, especially in a regulatory environment that turns a deaf ear to misrepresentation, obfuscation and subtle and not so subtle financial swindle.

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      • 1) yes my original purchase was in the 2.60's. I then sold in the mid 2.90's and rebought in the mid 2.80's.

        2) their guidance was not released until 6:00 this morning at which time I sold in the high 2.80s.

        I am still bullish on the stock I hope to buy back in on a pullback to the 2.60's.

        Not that hard to understand is it? Stop being such a knucklehead yo.

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