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  • captdeployed captdeployed Feb 14, 2013 10:57 AM Flag


    guess the plan is to jump on the equity bubble with everybody else. key is to make sure you have a chair when the music stops. nah, i'm going to cash. content to watch this one from the sidelines.
    stay thirsty my friends.

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    • The fed is pumping so much made up money into the economy that you can almost hear the Dollar losing purchasing power. Some people think they now have more "money", but their total purchasing power is less than before QE started. The poor are really getting squeezed, so now Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to account for the last purchasing power of the current wage. Doing so will further increase inflationary pressure as well as increase unemployment among the unskilled who work for min wage which turns taxpayers into entitlement program dependents Price freezes are next. Anybody with any understanding of history knows where that ends up. The ONLY thing that makes today better than 1976 is that the fracking revolution MAY make the US energy independent. At least OPEC can't squeeze us like they did back then.

    • stay nimble my friends, crazy times,,,,remember the orig.body snatchers movie 1950's?
      "every thing is fine, everything is fine, repeat the mantra" dems say "there is no deficit, no spending problem
      and the repubs say "we are going bk and the end of the usa as we know it." only time will tell who was right.

    • IMO guys like you are the sustained rally's best friend. You'll be out, but it'll drive you crazy, and you help feed the market later, maybe even when it is less advantageous and the gains are harder to come by. I'm at about 40% cash, but I suspect a lot of that is going to buy on weakness. In my experience, the trend is up this year, and the weakness in precious metals shows it; you can almost feel them tottering. my biggest losers at the moment are mining stocks. The 16 year old is an actress and might have talent and intuition, especially where psychology is concerned; she can't be much worse than some of us! Grandma and the bell boy are far from being in the game right now. Also, and I've maintained this for years, the perception of improvement in the economy and markets can actually create the reality. Markets no longer reflect or predict the economy, the way they once did, they only influence the national mood.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Still 100% cash for me for a week now...never thought I would last this long but NOTHING looks good to buy!

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