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  • bottomsupinvestor bottomsupinvestor Apr 12, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    OT: Stock Contest - Final Results

    Well my $0.03 dividend did not push me into first place. That honor is officially for microcaptrader with a nearly 30% return. Per his previous post, he is looking to share his prize winnings at any of the Travel America locations. I was hoping for a soda and Doritos though instead. It looked like bodybag 2008 almost did his usual trick but takes second with over 20%. Bsbilleter is close behind for third with +18%. Honorable mention goes to pullinup who spurted up from nowhere this week with double digit gains and the dividend king, shiftsuper175607 with high single digit gains.

    Thanks for all the participation. It looks like we are entering earnings season again soon so all of us that needed one more quarter of results to boost results can lament about the contest timing.

    microcaptrader 28.73
    bodybag2008 20.40
    bsbilleter 18.41
    pullinup 12.09
    S&P500 9.13
    shiftsuper175607 8.26
    Group Average 2.32
    b_fr_nk 0.50
    gptour7 -0.26
    hieronymous_blat -0.46
    bottomsupinvestor -3.15
    jazz9292 -4.05
    jmatson.rm -9.16
    chokingstones -15.82
    natan.bratter -25.28

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    • Thank you for your efforts Bottomsupinvestor. I enjoy these contests. As for your "soda and Doritos" request, consider it done. One soda (brand of your choosing) and a bag of Dorito's at the regular full price (plus tax) will be wailting on you at the TA location of your choice. Remember to mention that MCT sent ya!

    • Congrats to the champ MCT and congrats bsbilleter for having 3 stocks in the green. That should win some kind of award in itself.

    • Hey BUI thanks for doing the show again. It was fun to watch develop.
      & micro will be pleased to know Im online now, looking for my nearest TA locale.

    • Travel America is the stock. It more than doubled during the contest. Joes Jeans did well too with +70%. I have been interested in both of these in the past but it looks like the ships are sailing. MAPP got bought out early in the contest leaving bodybag with only two moving stocks for the remaining part of the contest.

      The group's dividend stocks did not do well this time (except for shiftsuper) losing about 9% on average. The group average was positive but underperformed the S&P by about 7 percentage points.

      KTCC has been edging up into earnings so we shall see the next chapter in that book soon.

      microcaptrader TA 111.20
      gptour7 JOEZ 70.17
      bodybag2008 MAPP 56.94
      pullinup GILD 32.84
      bsbilleter GALE 26.72
      jazz9292 GALE 26.72
      shiftsuper175607 HCLP 24.84
      bottomsupinvestor GNW 21.89
      bsbilleter GNW 21.89
      jmatson.rm INOC 14.41
      shiftsuper175607 MEMP 13.71
      S&P500 GSPC 9.13
      bodybag2006 WFT 8.63
      pullinup EBAY 6.63
      bsbilleter KTCC 6.62
      b_fr_nk KTCC 6.62
      hieronymous_blat KTCC 6.62
      hieronymous_blat FTR -0.92
      b_fr_nk HK -2.18
      b_fr_nk NLNK -2.95
      pullinup URBN -3.20
      bodybag2007 LXRX -4.37
      chokingstones EGHT -4.48
      bottomsupinvestor HIHO -4.51
      jmatson.rm FBN -5.22
      hieronymous_blat LOGI -7.08
      jazz9292 PEIX -8.70
      natan.bratter VRNG -9.01
      microcaptrader COBR -9.73
      shiftsuper175607 SPU -13.78
      chokingstones GUID -15.08
      microcaptrader CYAN -15.26
      gptour7 TSYS -23.32
      bottomsupinvestor SIMO -26.83
      chokingstones RNF -27.89
      natan.bratter MCZ -30.16
      jazz9292 MCZ -30.16
      jmatson.rm HL -36.67
      natan.bratter HL -36.67
      gptour7 COOL -47.61

7.95-0.23(-2.81%)Jul 27 4:00 PMEDT