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  • bottomsupinvestor bottomsupinvestor Nov 9, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    OT: Mini Stock Contest - Week 2

    We are at the mid point of our stock contest. We have had nine more companies report earnings this week. Two of them actually look like they had some nice positive share price reaction to the reports (GALE and APT). It looks like the others reacted mostly neutral or negative and include HIMX, EXK, JE, NES, SPDC, NAVB, and ZGNX. Then again, it is hard to judge the final outcome in a day or two after the event.

    Bsbilleter jumps up from 4th place to first this week with jazz9292 dropping out from the top. Pullinup is the only other contestant with a positive return and is in second place. Hieronymous_blat is still near breakeven. (That reminds me of the joke of the guy that goes to the horse races and hopes he breaks even because he needs the money). The rest of us are not doing so well.

    bsbilleter 1.10
    pullinup 0.85
    S&P500 0.62
    hieronymous_blat -0.16
    bottomsupinvestor -3.43
    b_fr_nk -7.44
    Group Average -7.72
    shiftsuper175607 -8.70
    upanddowntab -11.31
    jazz9292 -19.08
    bodybag2006 -21.34

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    • Individual Stocks:

      pullinup CSIQ 21.66
      hieronymous_blat ROX 19.74
      hieronymous_blat APT 13.07
      bsbilleter GALE 6.28
      jazz9292 SQNS 2.38
      bottomsupinvestor OFIX 1.34
      S&P500 GSPC 0.62
      bsbilleter GNW 0.56
      shiftsuper175607 SPU -0.52
      bottomsupinvestor QCCO -3.33
      b_fr_nk KTCC -3.55
      bsbilleter KTCC -3.55
      upanddowntab SPDC -4.72
      pullinup AXDX -4.85
      b_fr_nk HIMX -8.28
      bottomsupinvestor HIMX -8.28
      shiftsuper175607 JE -9.50
      upanddowntab MEA -10.11
      b_fr_nk NGD -10.48
      bodybag2006 ZGNX -12.50
      pullinup EDMC -14.27
      shiftsuper175607 EXK -16.08
      bodybag2006 TTNP -18.22
      upanddowntab HTCH -19.08
      jazz9292 NAVB -27.83
      jazz9292 NES -31.80
      bodybag2006 MCZ -33.29
      hieronymous_blat MCZ -33.29

7.54-0.18(-2.33%)Jul 29 4:00 PMEDT