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  • cadmiumred cadmiumred Feb 7, 2014 4:20 PM Flag


    Do any of you follow IFON and have thoughts to share?

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    • Before the last earnings report, IFON was selling at a discount to its cash and receivables already recorded.

      Since the 9/30/13 report, IFON is in transition to being valued based on projected earnings. IFON's done a pretty good job managing costs in recent quarters and that's why they've gone from losses to break even. In my opinion, the current price reflects the expectation that the margins will be steady and revs will continue to grow as they have been. Part of that is a consideration of how the Ingram Micro Mobility deal will help IFON expand their current toe hold in the US market with their mid-level phones.

      The name may sound off to you, but whatever. They've proven that it's possible to make money selling these phones.

      With expectations, though, comes the chance of disappointment if IFON can't continue improvement. If the company has a hiccup and earnings suck it could knock the legs out from under this run up.

    • I think I saw it recommended here some months ago and I bought a small pile just before last earnings. Made a tidy profit quickly but wish I had held. When it popped a couple weeks ago, I went into the ktcc stock contest to see who had picked it, but no one did! Was it Hopeful who originally recommended it? I think their business has picked up in South America. The stock has been really volatile lately.

    • I have followed it for close to a decade...if you get lucky enough to unload shares in the 3s, DO IT! And never look back...just my opinion.

    • I bought IFON on a tip from Hopeful in the .70c range and sold a 1/3 at 200% profit and am holding the rest.. Now I had to watch IFON price drop in half before it reversed coarse and made this move so I'll consider myself lucky. Lucky that it has made this move and even more lucky that I did not sell at the bottom.

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