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  • bottomsupinvestor bottomsupinvestor Apr 13, 2014 8:24 AM Flag

    OT: Stock Contest - Week 11

    I am not a racing fan but we are getting the white flag which I think means the last lap and only one more week to go. All those with predictions of a falling market are being proved correct as things start to look ugly. That is not the case for hieronymous_blat who has a 10 percentage point lead with uptabdowntab being the only one next in line to give chase.

    hieronymous_blat 26.59
    uptabdowntab 16.32
    bottomsupinvestor 11.38
    microcaptrader -1.12
    S&P500 -1.25
    shiftsuper175607 -2.48
    bodybag2006 -3.29
    Group Average -4.92
    b_fr_nk -16.33
    pullinup -16.93
    bsbilleter -26.16
    wwrp -37.17

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    • Oops, That is a typo in the title. It should be week 12.

    • STLY has its annual meeting next week so I'm hopeful to get al least a bit of a bounce out of that one. It is a "special situation" stock in that there is a change underway at the company which will render it immediately profitable, but nobody seems to be paying attention. My big goal at this point is just to finish the contest in the black! Heir, Tab and Bottomsup appear uncatchable.

    • I have updated the dividends below. Please let me know if I missed something or if your pick is going x-divi next week.
      AAPL 3.05
      ACI 0.01
      JE 0.1894*
      FTR 0.1
      SIMO 0.1475
      INBK 0.06

      Here are the individual stocks. Hieronymous has all three in the black.

      uptabdowntab SSY 67.05
      hieronymous_blat ROX 44.79
      bottomsupinvestor SIMO 21.81
      hieronymous_blat MCZ 20.48
      microcaptrader MCZ 20.48
      hieronymous_blat FTR 14.49
      uptabdowntab ACI 13.19
      bodybag2006 HMY 13.07
      bottomsupinvestor INBK 7.59
      shiftsuper175607 JE 7.28
      microcaptrader COBR 6.45
      bottomsupinvestor TAYD 4.73
      bodybag2006 OPK 1.72
      shiftsuper175607 BLX 0.42
      bsbilleter GNW -0.56
      S&P500 GSPC -1.25
      b_fr_nk AAPL -3.33
      b_fr_nk KTCC -8.21
      bsbilleter KTCC -8.21
      pullinup SEED -12.08
      pullinup CTIC -12.91
      shiftsuper175607 SPU -15.14
      wwrp ACRX -17.51
      wwrp IDRA -24.60
      bodybag2006 OREX -24.67
      pullinup BSPM -25.81
      microcaptrader STLY -30.29
      uptabdowntab HTCH -31.28
      b_fr_nk NLNK -37.44
      wwrp VTUS -69.39
      bsbilleter GALE -69.71

7.53-0.01(-0.13%)Aug 26 3:59 PMEDT