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  • bottomsupinvestor bottomsupinvestor Apr 17, 2014 9:21 PM Flag

    OT - Stock Contest - Final

    The last lap was uneventful with no crashes or other excitement to the checkered flag. In fact, the standings are identical with the exception of shiftsuper175607 edging out microcaptrader for the fourth spot. I took the bronze metal. Uptabdowntab is a solid silver medal. The grand race winner is hieronymous_blat with a commanding double digit lead over the nearest competitor. He might be the guy to consult for positive returns in a down market.

    Thanks all for participating. As usual, I enjoyed tracking the picks and got some great leads. Let do it again in a few week since earnings season is already upon us and that will make the Q2 results come in near the end of the next period which should make things a little more interesting. I can certainly use the ideas since I am not finding much on my own lately.

    hieronymous_blat 23.29
    uptabdowntab 16.83
    bottomsupinvestor 11.90
    S&P500 1.42
    shiftsuper175607 -2.67
    microcaptrader -4.71
    Group Average -6.10
    bodybag2006 -6.78
    b_fr_nk -15.35
    pullinup -16.59
    bsbilleter -26.13
    wwrp -40.82

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    • hey bui,
      Could you estimate, when next comp is going to begin?

      thank you!

    • Yes. thanks for organizing the contest. I am proud to have won, but, as they say, "lucky in games, unlucky in life!" In life, I'm taking quite the drubbing in my bitcoin play, but I'm still hopeful and have pretty much joined the revolution by buying most of my household goods with BTC. Bitcoin has pretty much been politicized and discredited by those who still support fiat currency, the unlimited printing on dollars and a 17+ trillion dollar debt that will never be payed in our lifetime that of our children. Not surprisingly, the entrenched "expert" economists and financial celebrities are somewhat threatened and generally working to discredit the movement as nonsense. IMO, they aren't going to be able to stop it. If anyone is following it, you can see that the entrepreneurial interest is growing and that general acceptance and usefulness of bitcoin is also starting to take hold. It's the wild west, so who knows which companies are going to come out on top. I have a big basket now, basically throwing into anything that is involved in the sector. BTC prices swooned below $400 and are hovering around $500 now. All anyone needs to know about BTC in my opinion is that there are 7 billion people on the planet, most of them in 3rd world countries with wrecked currencies and no banking access, and there can only EVER be 21 million bitcoin. If it even becomes marginally accepted, it establishes itself as a viable store of wealth against recklessly spending governments around the globe. Sorry for this screed, but maybe I have earned it by winning the game? LOL!

      BTCS, OSTK and WPCS rallied yesterday after having the tar knocked out of them in the past month. Anyone entering now is probably going to do a lot better than I have so far!

    • Being from WIS, about all I can say is.....It's the second mouse that gets the cheese! Congrats to hieronymous and Thank you to bottomsup for running this grand event. Looking forward to everyone's future picks.

    • Ditto!

    • Individual stock picks:

      uptabdowntab SSY 67.05
      hieronymous_blat ROX 37.42
      hieronymous_blat FTR 24.02
      bottomsupinvestor SIMO 19.14
      uptabdowntab ACI 16.20
      bottomsupinvestor TAYD 11.75
      bodybag2006 HMY 8.48
      hieronymous_blat MCZ 8.43
      microcaptrader MCZ 8.43
      shiftsuper175607 JE 5.55
      bsbilleter GNW 4.91
      microcaptrader COBR 4.84
      bottomsupinvestor INBK 4.80
      S&P500 GSPC 1.42
      shiftsuper175607 BLX 1.23
      b_fr_nk AAPL -2.35
      bodybag2006 OPK -6.65
      pullinup SEED -7.08
      b_fr_nk KTCC -9.02
      bsbilleter KTCC -9.02
      wwrp ACRX -14.63
      shiftsuper175607 SPU -14.79
      pullinup CTIC -15.66
      bodybag2006 OREX -22.17
      pullinup BSPM -27.02
      microcaptrader STLY -27.42
      uptabdowntab HTCH -32.76
      b_fr_nk NLNK -34.68
      wwrp IDRA -36.32
      wwrp VTUS -71.50
      bsbilleter GALE -74.29

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