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  • jazzmeoff jazzmeoff Nov 2, 2012 11:22 AM Flag

    Lowest new analyst target I've seen is $9 so I see at least $7 coming

    Don't get the selloff to $5

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    • IMHO I wouldn't listen to these ignorant analysts - they are likely just trying to get a piece of the next capital raise and dilution which is surely coming - the company has negative working capital now almost none of it's cash is free - owned to customers with in a couple of weeks. The company capitalizes over $20M of software development, artificially inflating EBITDA. EBITDA does also not include massive stock compensation quarter after quarter. Factor that all in and you get negative EBITDA.

      Why do you think insider selling has been ferocious on a near-daily basis since the IPO lockup expired?

      Taking a roll-up of 50 low growth lame businesses, over-pay for them, and slap "cloud" on it doesn't make this a good investment.

      IMHO it's practically a pump and dump and insiders are almost out.

      IMHO the last thing you should do is listen to the "analysts" who think this company is actually profitable.

      Listen to the CC and how they write off 2013 and talk about 2014 being the breakout year.

      IMHO $0 is far more likely than seeing $10 ever again.

      I have been short with a vengeance so take that for what it's worth. And I'm not covering FYI.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • A couple of things working against ACTV this morning. First, the new price targets don't matter so much as the number of downgrades...those scared investors. A lowered target doesn't mean a stock will get close to the new lower range.

      Second, this is a low float, low volume stock. Any news, good or bad, will have an exaggerated effect on a low float stock.

      Another thing is that this has attracted day traders who started buying on speculation between 6.50 to 5.60 a share, rather heavily. These traders need to move out of this stock before it rises more. Buying and selling by daytraders is one thing that moved this dramatically below 5.50. I.e they panicked and bailed.