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  • lookdeeper lookdeeper Mar 27, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    More screwed up Event Registrations

    They have had problems with Atlanta Peachtree in past years, Chicago Marathon this year and now today Marine Corp Marathon. Countless others but these are some of the big names. This has been going on for years. What have they done with all the investment money they took in?

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    • Suppose problems are going to crop up but they seem to face more problems than they should. Everyone talks about the need for lotteries for the big races but I don't see why they shouldn't be able to build a system that can handle the kind of traffic they face. 50,000 users (or whatever it is) is a lot but is it isn't as though other companies have not been able to deal with these sorts of levels. Then again, I don't understand the technical issues, if it is a dozen times a year maybe it isn't worth it.

      The money from the IPO was used to buy other companies in the event management space. Unless they start to lose customers they should be o.k. cash wise. At some point in time one would think customers would go elsewhere but I'm not sure where they would go.