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  • osu_lin osu_lin Oct 16, 2009 10:33 AM Flag

    Emily. It is a good time for you to buy PNX..

    Not too late. Dump your LNC and PRU..

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    • Right!!! I hear more cost cutting needed. That is not good sign right before earning are to come out.

    • Enough is enough....we are here to see if we are right or wrong when it comes to PNX. We all have something to say and if you are pumping shame on you and if you are shorting ...well.....shame on you too! I still see a partner on the horizon but no buyers. PNX will be at 5.50 after earnings. That is my guess. That is all we ALL have is a guess! Sit tight.

    • I heard offering a few underwriters and a number of wholesalers severance because not enough business coming in to keep them busy. I would also say they will probably do something with benefits. I don't think this distribution thing is working out for them so far.

    • Calmly I say to you OSU I bought a bunch of NFP and PRU and LNC back when the whole market tanked. The entire industry was taken down. NFP is not an insurance company it is a marketing company that offers many companies through its agents so they are not rated. Phoenix was always on the fence with the big rating companies. One notch away from a b company. They could always tell the agents/advisors that they were an A rated company and they sold 300 million per year in life and 700 million in annuities. As soon as they dropped to a b company look at what happened to its sales. 20 million a month in life premium then/now less then a million per month. This whole problem came about with the crash of the entire market but also with the reluctance of the old CEO to get rid of her baby the investment company. So no double standard here just investing in good companies that maintained good ratings and a great ditribution company. Got out of NFP at 8.90 because they are running into a bit of trouble with some debt. Great agents/advisors but bad management at NFP. By the way who is FPN don't own them ever.

    • You have some intelligent things to say at times that is why I don't understand why you attack people or talk so much about off topic issues like your bag packing for a trip.

      Doubling your money in a matter of months is not about pennies unless you are only playing with pennies. Clearly I am not playing with pennies but PNX is still not a big part of my investments.

      What's funny is you make such a big deal of yourself if what you say is even true. (let me remind you that there are alot of men posing as women on the internet (so when you were showing up as a male named Sean it raises questions), and on the internet everyone is rich, thin and beautiful, yeah right). Anyway, like I was saying, you take yourself so seriuously and act like you are such a big deal because you are going on a trip????? Or because you have someone to clean your house. Maybe that's such a big deal for you that you need to post it, but for others it's not. Since you don't seem to get it, there are quite a few people here who can afford to go on vacation regularly, live very well and afford to have someone to clean their house. It's no big deal and these boards are not the place to discuss and release your insecurities repeatedly.

    • emily/sean: Why don't you tell us what price target you have for PNX the day after it releases earnings so we can all see how accurate you are once and for all????

      You have repeatedly said what an insurance expert you are, and how good you are making trades, even though you have completely missed the big recent gains in PNX.

      So once and for all put your money where your very large mouth is and tell us how far PNX will drop with a dollar figure?? (I can already see the excuses coming!!!)

    • So you were a penny lady like us. You dont have to admit it, We know it.

      PNX is not 51 dollars. It is 4.17. You dont have to tell us how bad PNX is, we know it.

      Wether you want to be a penny lady AGAIN or not. That is your choice.

      Preserve your gains and buy safety stocks. Have an early retiremet.

      (By the way, dont you assume osu_lin is a poor son of a gun. Not everyone likes to show off.)

    • You are a funny guppy Codfish. I don't need to tell you about my husband originally signing us up on this site do I? Already done that. This company is worth about 3.90 to 4 bucks per share max. Their real estate and closed block is worth that. So after earnings this will fall to this range if not before. Management think this is worth 7 to 8 bucks and no company will pay that much premium to buy it, that is why it won't sell. You have made a few pennies on this stock, good for you. Hey Codfish I have some room at my winter home would you like to come visit. Even though the dollar is weak you could probably afford a few days in the warm sun. These large gains you say they have missed out on? Even if you go back to May the stock has gone up about 2 bucks per share. You would have had to invest quite a bit to make any money here. Sorry don't see those large gains and even if you timed it perfectly you would have made 4 bucks per share. You should have been with me on LNC at 7 bucks a share and now look at it. This is why you Codfish are whining about me on this message board and I am heading to my winter home.

    • Emily or should I call you Sean (since your id said you were a man name Sean before you changed it) Nobody cares if you packed your bags or where you are headed. Everyone here would be better off if you packed your bags from this board because you are toxic and have no class. No wonder you don't act lady like since you are/were a man. You also seem very insecure to be constantly talking about how great your life is, attacking other people, talking about how much money you make on trades besides PNX, that others can clean your house for for you, and calling me made up names "codfish" with the 8 year old maturity level you have achieved. PATHETIC!

      For others who are here to exchange investment ideas:

      PNX has about $110 million annual in cost cutting programs and possibly like many other companies that have seen revenues go down they might do better than expectations due to these costs cuts. PNX book value is about double current share price so all the misery emily/sean likes to beat the dead horse on here every day is priced in. Anyone who has listened to emily/sean's advice to sell has missed very large gains lately.

    • OSU the penny boys comes from the fact you bought what, 2000 shares of PNX??? and you and codfish have been pumping it for months trying to get the thing to move a few pennies. So you make a few pennies good for you. Not showing off at all, ms calabash comes on and attacks me. Read her posts. Says no girl from MASS. has money and she would not go to a bug infested place like the Cape. I just let her know it was my summer home and my neighbors who just got through mourning their Uncle T. don't think it is bug infested. No need to sell off PRU or LNC or a select few I have just yet, they are taking market share and policies from the likes of PNX so earning should be good for another 18 months. Well be out for a week before I will have the ability to get back on line. Going to the warmth and it is tournament time. Love this time of year.

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